Olympus America

Who We Are: Corporate Philosophy

Establishing Firm Ties with Society

Olympus is guided by our responsibilities as a corporate member of society and as a company on which diverse people with different cultures and values depend. We are committed to conducting our affairs with a strong sense of ethics and strictly complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

In addition, in all of our business operations, Olympus strives to play an integral role in society, sharing society’s values and working to help people around the world have healthier and more fulfilling lives. Accordingly, Olympus has adopted a Social IN management philosophy that aims to establish firm ties with society by: providing INtegrity in all of our interactions; adding value through INnovation; and delivering community INvolvement in the regions where we live and work.


“The Olympus Group strives to realize better health and happiness for people by being an integral member of society, sharing common values and proposing new values through its business activities.”