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What's more timeless than a Fruitcake? (Stylus Epic Zoom 115 Deluxe)

Melville, NY - When faced with the daunting task of picking out the perfect gift this holiday season, don't get caught up in the monotony of the brightest, shiniest, quickest, sassiest and trendiest; simply go with the best. Olympus America, known for uncompromising style and performance, today announced an addition to the world's most successful camera family - the Stylus Epic Zoom 115 Deluxe.

With sales exceeding 16 million and nearly ten years on the market, the Stylus Family is the world's best-selling camera series, and for good reason. In a market filled with products that are here today and gone tomorrow, the Stylus has proven itself as a camera that can stand the test of time. Since its launch in 1991, the Stylus Family has continually set the standard for the 35mm lens-shutter ultra-compact camera category.

Olympus has made the highly contoured, ultra-compact, champagne gold Stylus the most sought after design in the world, mimicked by almost everyone. Prior to the introduction of the Stylus, consumers were accustomed to their camera selection looking like a sea of black boxes. Additionally, Olympus prides itself on technological advancements like red-eye reducing flash, all-weather construction, exclusive auto-color balance and now the proprietary Visual Confirmation Finder (VF). These features make the Stylus Family one of the most sophisticated and highly designed cameras on the market.

The new Stylus Epic Zoom 115 Deluxe is the fullest-featured 3x ultra-compact zoom camera on the market, all packaged into a svelte 7.9 ounces. As the latest addition to the immensely popular Stylus Family, this stylish and sleek camera not only has one of Olympus' most powerful and versatile zoom lenses, but also the VF, which alerts the photographer that the shutter has been released by momentarily darkening the lens. The VF feature allows photographic creativity without the added worry of wondering whether or not a picture has been taken and is now available exclusively from Olympus.

The Stylus Epic Zoom 115 Deluxe will be available in specialty retail stores nationwide for a suggested retail of $382.00.

Additional features of the Stylus Family are:

  • Easy-to-use - Fully automatic operation (autofocus, auto exposure, auto film loading and rewinding)
  • All-weather reliability - Provides worry-free protection against rain, snow or sea spray
  • Intelligent variable-power flash- Six versatile flash modes to make great photography easier regardless of lighting conditions
  • Red-eye reducing flash - The red-eye effect is reduced by a series of pre-flashes emitted before the main flash fires
  • Exclusive auto color-balancing flash - Ensures natural coloring in artificial light
  • Panorama - Dual format mid-roll change, at the flick of the switch
  • Quartz date model - Convenient date/time imprinting
  • Diopter correction- Adjusts for individual vision requirements
  • 12-second electronic self timer- For self-portraits or group shots

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