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Olympus Announces New Professional Digital Voice Recorders - DS-2000 & DS-3000

Melville, NY - Olympus America Inc., Consumer Products Group, a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, today announced the release of the DS-2000 and DS-3000 professional digital voice recorders, two new recorders that support removable SmartMediaTM cards for up to 22 hours of recording time on a 64MB SmartMediaTM card.

Both recorders are geared for the professional market. For corporate "road warriors," the DS-2000 is an easy-to-use digital voice recorder for only $249. For medical and legal markets, the DS-3000 provides additional powerful dictation software that automates dictation workflow over a network or e-mail for $399. The DS-3000 is a "must have" for the medical and legal market or anyone that requires heavy dictation.

"Heavy users of dictation products are still using Microcassette equipment or phone-in dictation because it is easy-to-use and reliable. However, in the digital age many cumbersome and tedious tasks can be automated, making the user more productive," said Keith Swiderski, Product Manager, Olympus America, Consumer Products Group. "With the DS-2000 and DS-3000, SmartMediaTM provides an affordable and familiar removable digital media which downloads quickly and easily. Depending on the PC-knowledge of the user, download and file transfer functions can be automatically carried out with minimal intervention. The DS-2000 and DS-3000 are revolutionary tools for business and vertical markets, as well as consumer applications."

These recorders are the latest in a long line of Olympus award-winning digital voice recorders with speech recognition. The DS-320, available in April of 2001, is a digital recorder with over five hours of recording time bundled with IBM's® latest ViaVoiceTM speech recognition software. The DS-150, released in April of 1999, was well received for its ease of use and affordable price. It was chosen as a preferred mobile solution for IBM® ViaVoiceTM, and was also bundled as part of L&H Voice Express Mobile Professional. The D1000, released in June of 1998, won numerous industry awards for its enhancement of the mobile office, including the coveted PC Computing MVP Award, November 1998; Popular Mechanics' Editor's Choice Award, January 1999; and Popular Science's, "Best of What's New," November 11, 1997.

The DS-2000 and DS-3000 use the same SmartMediaTM that has been used in the popular CAMEDIATM series of Olympus digital cameras. With a 64MB SmartMediaTM Card, over 22 hours of recording time is possible. Downloading speech files to a PC is quick and easy. The DS-2000 and DS-3000 can be attached to a PC by the included USB cable. Also, the SmartMediaTM can be removed and downloaded to a PC by a variety of SmartMediaTM download devices.

Both recorders include three folders for voice file management, capable of storing up to 199 messages per folder. Messages can be moved from one folder to another for easy organization. Both recorders have 2 recording modes, SP mode when speech-to-text applications are used; and LP mode when a longer recording time is needed. An LCD display is provided to check remaining recording time, the date & time, voice activation mode, play mode (SP/LP), and battery status. Both recorders have a Microphone Sensitivity Selector and voice activation for hands-free recording.

Olympus uses compact .DSS (Digital Speech Standard) files, which are 13 - 28 times smaller than standard .WAV sound files, and are optimized for voice applications. DSS files are also ideal for sending email to colleagues or transcription services. Transcription can also be done manually with an optional transcription accessory kit including a foot-switch and headset. Users can download the entire contents of the recorder, one specific folder or even one specific recording. The DSS format is also compatible with speech recognition applications such as IBM® ViaVoiceTM (not included).

The DS-3000 supports additional recording functions, such as the ability to store up to 10 different Author ID's in the recorder. This application is perfect for sharing recorders between users. You can also store up to 10 different "Work Types" in the recorder. This is ideal for specifying the exact type of dictation to transcription services. This data travels in the header of a DSS file and is available for anyone to reference.

In addition, the DS-3000 enables you to manage all of your dictation with the DSS Player Pro Dictation Software. The software can automate many manual functions, such as auto-detection and auto-download of dictation from the DS-3000. The software can even attach your dictation to an email and automatically send it to a specified destination. All you have to do is attach the DS-3000 to your USB port. For the Transcriptionist, the DSS Player Pro Transcription Software can scan your email for DSS files and manage all typing from there. Mark your recording as "finished" and the recording is automatically moved to a different folder.

The DS-2000 will be available in March 2001 for an expected list price of $299, street price $249. It comes with an 8MB SmartMediaTM card for up to 2 1/2 hours of high quality dictation, DSS Player 2000 software, KP7 USB download cable, KP4 "voice training" cable, and hand strap.

The DS-3000 will be available in February 2001 for an expected list price of $449, street $399. It comes with a 16MB SmartMediaTM card for up to 5 1/2 hours of high quality dictation, DSS Player Pro Dictation software to easily and automatically transfer files, KP7 USB download cable, KP4 "voice training" cable, leather case, batteries and hand strap. The DS-3000 will be sold through a select group of business equipment dealers. A list is available at http://ds3000.olympus.com.

For more information, contact Olympus America, Consumer Products Group, Two Corporate Center Dr., Melville, NY 11747-3157, ph: (631) 844-5000 (800) 347-4027, Fax: (631) 844-5262. For consumer questions/comments, e-mail us at distec@olympus.com.

Olympus America distributes a wide range of products for consumer, scientific, health care, commercial and industrial markets. These include film and filmless cameras, MicrocassetteTM and digital voice recorders, binoculars, film scanners, personal photo printers, medical and industrial endoscopes, biological and metallurgical microscopes and measuring instruments, clinical analyzers, and other high technology products. Olympus America is responsible for sales in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

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  • Unlimited recording time on removable SmartMediaTM cards. Removable SmartMediaTM Digital Recorder holds up to 22 hours of high-quality DSS audio.
  • DS-3000 includes 16MB SmartMediaTM card for over 5 hours of recording time. DS-2000 includes 8MB SmartMediaTM card for over 2 1/2 hours of recording time.
  • Store your recordings up three separate folders. Folders can be assigned a name of up to 8 characters.
  • Store up to 199 messages per folder.
  • LCD screen displays message number, a real-time counter, remaining recording time, current time and date and operating mode.
  • Store up to 10 different Author ID's in the recorder. Perfect for sharing recorders between users!
  • Store up to 10 different "Work Types" in the recorder. Perfect for specifying the exact type of dictation to transcription services (DS-3000 only).
  • Indexing and Voice Activation capability.
  • Built-in USB interface to quickly transfer recorded voice data to a PC. Direct dictation to your PC is also possible when the DS3000 is hooked up to your USB port.
  • Includes DSS Player Pro Dictation Module Software (DS-3000 only).
  • Includes DSS Player 2000 Software (DS-2000 only).
  • External earphone jack: use an earphone or headphone for private review of recordings.
  • External microphone jack for use with external noise-cancellation microphones (Model ME-12).
  • Fast playback: 50% faster than real time.
  • Transcription accessory kit (optional) - includes USB/Serial foot switch, headset and DSS Player Pro Transcription Software.