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Olympus Introduces the Next Generation Stylus Camera
the Infinity Stylus Epic
World's Smallest, Lightest Weatherproof 35mm Camera

The proud tradition of the original Olympus Infinity Stylus camera—winner of many prestigious awards—is being continued with the introduction of the new Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic. Since Olympus introduced the Infinity Stylus camera in 1990, the Stylus Series has been the choice of more than 7 million photographers. The high performance Stylus Epic camera is the culmination of a relentless pursuit of compactness and easy operation in the 35mm format.

The Stylus Epic incorporates a wide range of innovations combined with sophisticated elegance. This tiny camera features exceptionally trim lines and light weight. Even with its 35mm large-aperture f2.8 lens, the Epic measures only 4.3" (W) x 2.3" (H) x 1.5" (D) and weighs only 4.7 ounces. It is a combination that pushes the limits of the compact camera, making a photographer want to keep it close at hand.

Not only are the contours stylish and sophisticated, but the body size and weight have also been reduced by innovations such as the new shaft drive mechanism which uses a single motor for film advance/rewind. Handling has been perfected by touches such as a sliding lens barrier that closes to protect the lens when the camera is not in use. There is also a high-magnification photography in adverse weather conditions, so the Stylus Epic can go anywhere.

Innovations in Miniaturization
One of the keys to the Stylus Epic's compactness is a layout that incorporates both the motor and new shaft drive mechanism in the lower part of the camera body. By giving the designers greater flexibility, this innovative approach also opened the way to the wedge shape and stable balance.

All basic functions including film advance/rewind, focusing lens barrel extension/retraction and shutter opening/closing are handled by a single motor and plunger. This compact new motor was developed specially for the Epic and is situated lengthwise under the lens barrier in the space made available by the use of a shaft drive mechansim instead of the usual gears and belt drive.

AF Module Employing Special Prism
With the special shape of the exclusive prism that receives infrared AF beams, the AF module has been positioned to contribute to the overall miniaturization of the body. Employing a three-point focusing system with 414 steps, the AF unit delivers outstanding performance, especially from a camera with a large aperture lens.

High-resolution 35mm f2.8 lens
The extra-bright f2.8 lens opens up shooting possibilities that are beyond the capabilities of any other compact cameras on the market. Even in relatively dim light, indoors or at dusk, the large aperture can capture the nuances of available light. The optical configuration has four elements in four groups and uses an aspherical lens to improve image quality.

New Intelligent Variable Power Flash System—Employing New Auto Color-Balancing Flash
Several sensors are used to detect lighting information and relay it to the new Intelligent Variable Power Flash system. The new Auto Color-Balancing flash, the world's first system of its kind, eliminates the unnatural cast of pictures taken in fluorescent or other artificial light. The flash fires automatically when a sensor detects the wavelength of fluorescent or other artificial lighting that may result in an unnatural cast. A soft flash function has been developed to prevent over-exposure, while the improved Auto mode triggers the flash automatically in dim light or backlit situations.

Versatile Flash Modes
The new Intelligent Variable-Power Flash's six modes deliver high-quality flash pictures.

  • Auto
    In low light and backlit situations, the flash fires automatically to ensure that the illumination is appropriate. When fluorescent or other artificial light is detected, the new Auto Color-Balancing Flash takes over to create lifelike colors.

  • Redeye-Reducing Auto<
    Redeye is reduced by a series of pre-flashes emitted before the main flash fires. (Otherwise same as Auto).

  • Fill-In
    Ideal for high-contrast situations, the flash always fires in this mode, eliminating the shadows caused by strong sunlight.

  • Flash Off
    This mode is the answer when flash photography is prohibited. It is also ideal for capturing a natural ambience.

  • Night Scene
    The intensity of the flash is determined by the foreground, while the length of the exposure is set according to the backdrop. Slowing the shutter speed to as long as 4 seconds, this mode captures both the subject in the foreground and the nighttime scenery.

  • Redeye-Reducing Night Scene
    This mode reduces the redeye effect in pictures taken in the night scene mode. (Except for the addition of a series of pre-flashes, it is identical to the night scene mode.)
  • High-magnification Real-Image Viewfinder
    With a high magnification of 0.45x, the real-image viewfinder makes composition easier and more comfortable.

    The all-weather casing protects against sand and dust as well as a sudden shower or splashing. Meeting IEC grade 4 standards for "splash-proof," the design offers extra reassurance on a rainy day, at the beach or on a ski slope.

    Other Features

    • Auto Macro function - shots can be taken from as close as 1.1 feet to infinity.
    • Optional Remote Control - The infrared remote control has a 3-second delay and can trigger the shutter from as far away as 16 feet.
    • Spot Mode AE - ensures accurate focusing and exposure for the main subject, regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions.

    The suggested list price of the Stylus Epic is $219.00. A Stylus Epic DLX is available at selected Olympus retailers, offering a camera in a champagne gold finish with Quartz Date back and panorama mode. The suggested list price of the Stylus Epic DLX is $237.00.

    For more information on the Stylus Epic, or for a photo print, slide or transparency, please contact Marlene Hess at 516-844-5195 (phone), 516-844-5262 (fax), mhess@olympus.com (email) or visit Olympus on-line at http://www.olympus.com.

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    Type: Fully automatic 35mm autofocus lens-shutter camera. Film Format: 35mm standard DX-coded film (24 x 36mm). Lens: Olympus lens 35mm f2.8 lens with precision elements in 4 groups. Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter. Focusing: Active-type multi-beam autofocus system. Focusing Step: 414 steps. Focus lock and Spot AF possible. Focusing range: 1.1 ft -- infinity. Viewfinder: Real-image viewfinder (with autofocus marks, autofocus indicator and flash indicator). Exposure Control: Programmed automatic exposure control, 2-zone light metering, switchable to spot metering. Auto exposure range: EV1.0 to EV17(F2.8, 4 sec. -- f11.0, 1/1000 sec.) Exposure Counter: Progressive type, displayed on LCD panel. Film Speed Range: Automatic setting with DX-coded film with ISO 50,100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200. For non DX-coded film and film with less than ISO 50, film speed is automatically set to ISO 100. Film Handling: Automatic film loading (automatically advances to first frame when camera back is closed). Rewind is possible at any point with rewind button. Flash: Built-in flash. Recycling time: Approx. 0.2 - 3.5 sec. (at normal temperature with new battery). Flash working range: 0.35 - 4.1m with ISO 100 color negative film; 0.35 - 8.2m with ISO 400 color negative film. Flash Modes: AUTO (Automatic flash activation in low light, back light and fluorescent light or other artificial light.) RED-EYE REDUCING (otherwise same as in AUTO)
    OFF (No flash)
    FILL-IN (Forced activation)
    NIGHT SCENE (For night scenes with slowest shutter speed of 4 sec. Other functions operate the same as in AUTO mode).
    RED-EYE REDUCING NIGHT SCENE (otherwise same as in NIGHT SCENE).
    Status Display: LCD Panel Battery Check: Displayed on LCD panel. Weatherproofing: Conforms to IEC grade 4 (protected against water splash from any direction). Selftimer: Electronic self-timer with 12-second delay. Remote Control (optional): Infrared remote control unit with 3-second delay. Power Source: One 3V lithium battery (CR123A or DL123A) Dimensions: 4.3" (W) x 2.3" (H) x 1.5" (D) (excluding protrusions). Weight: 4.7 oz. (without battery).
    Specifications are subject to change without notification