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Olympus Announces New Camedia Master Pro 4.0 Easy-to-Use Photo Suite for $39.95

Melville, NY - Olympus America Inc., the world leader in film and filmless photography, today announced the Olympus Camedia Master Pro 4.0 photo software for only $39.95. Camedia Master Pro gives the user everything they need for easy and seamless downloads, album creation, cataloguing, and printing for an all-in-one photo solution. Designed for ease of use, Camedia Master Pro employs one main screen for all the tools necessary for photo manipulation and printing. The user interface is easy to navigate and allows for quick access to: Get Images, Browse Images, Backup Images, Create & Share, and Print Images.

Quick & Easy Downloads
Users no longer need to fumble with driver software and compatibility issues when using an Olympus Auto-Connect USB camera. Camedia Master Pro is compatible with most standard storage devices and drives allowing easy downloading of images to the computer. The images instantly appear on the screen as thumbnails, which can then be enlarged for easier viewing, while retaining the other thumbnails on the side of the screen. Images can be downloaded from Olympus digital cameras, media readers, drives, and other external devices. Back-up has also been made easy with Camedia Master Pro. It quickly backs up images, albums and calendars onto any form of media or drives.

Images can be easily catalogued and sorted by album type or by date. Camedia Master Pro can record and attach 60-second sound (WAV) files to any image for slideshows and commentary. QuickTime® movies can also be previewed right on the screen. Images can be emailed, prepared for an HTML page, made into wallpaper or slideshows. Advanced stitching features, such as sphere, perspective, 2D Matrix, and 360 VR are included; as well as basic image editing tools, such as red-eye correction, contrast, special effects and other features to seamlessly create the perfect photo.

Automatic Printing
Camedia Master Pro enables you design, layout and print 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 images on one sheet of any type of printer paper by dragging and dropping onto the included templates. Index or contact sheets of up to 144 images can also be printed. Single or multiple images can be printed on different sizes of paper without making any complicated software adjustments. Users will love their professional looking postcards, Christmas cards and calendars, which can be printed in a snap from personal photos. Camedia Master Pro is optimized to be used with the Olympus P-400, P-200 and P-330N printers (which offers pre-cut paper), but it also works great with any photo printer on the market.

The standard version, Camedia 4.0, will be included in all new Olympus cameras as part of the base kit starting in late spring or available for purchase at $19.95. All Camedia Master 4.0 users will be able to upgrade to Camedia Master Pro for $19.95 and it will be available for purchase by any digital imaging consumer for $39.95. Camedia 4.0 and Pro are both fully compatible with Windows® 98 and above and Macintosh® 9.0 or later platforms, including Windows® XP and Mac® OS X. It supports all Olympus Auto-Connect USB, standard USB and serial cameras as well as all major file formats: Exif-JPEG, JFIF-JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PICT.

For more information, log onto: http://www.olympusamerica.com/camediamaster.

Camedia Master Pro MSRP: $39.95

Camedia 4.0 MSRP: $19.95

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