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Introducing Olympus LabModel™, a workflow simulation service that facilitates real world analysis of chemistry lab operations.


(May 21, 2002) MELVILLE, NY - Olympus Diagnostic Systems Group has developed a solutions-based service that aids clinical laboratory managers and administrators in identifying the most appropriate configuration of instrumentation to be used in achieving greater productivity and faster ROI for their departments.

Best suited for labs running in excess of 1 million tests per year, Olympus LabModel™ is a service that provides lab management with the ability to use fact-based computer aided simulation in evaluating current workflow, assessing multiple options, and determining the most appropriate configuration of instrumentation to meet their real world lab needs.

LabModel™ provides an unbiased view over various areas of operation including throughput, maintenance, turnaround time, labor, training, MTBF, and workstation consolidation. The service provides multiple workflow scenarios aimed at achieving process innovations and efficiency improvements resulting from the integration of Olympus AU series chemistry-immuno analyzers (AU400, AU640, AU2700, AU5400) and Olympus lab automation systems (OLA1500, OLA2500, OLA4000) along with other products in use within the laboratory.

Presented in a thorough customer-tailored format, Olympus LabModel™ workflow simulation uses state-of-the-art software to track and document projected efficiencies over short- and long-term periods, giving all decision makers an objective look at projected significant cost savings and bottom line improvements.