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The Newpic XB from Olympus

MELVILLE, NY (February 18, 1999)—Olympus America, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Newpic XB compact camera for the Advanced Photo System format. The compact and lightweight design features a metallic finish as well as the convenience of focus-free operation and a large, easy-to-use viewfinder.

Ease of Use

Stylish, convenient and portable, the new Newpic XB makes photography easier and more enjoyable.

With the high magnification of its oversized viewfinder, the Newpic XB creates a large, natural-looking image that simplifies composition. Designed for the Advanced Photo System format, it also features a one-touch drop-in loading system.

Offering point-and-shoot simplicity, the film advance/rewind and flash operation are completely automatic. The three flash modes make it easy to take great pictures, while the red-eye reducing lamp prevents problems with flash portraits.


Large viewfinder

The large viewfinder's high-magnification 0.68 image creates a bright, natural field of view that simplifies composition. Even those who wear glasses will find viewing easier.

Compact, Lightweight and Stylish

A silver metallic finish adds an elegant touch and a distinctive feel to the Newpic XB's design. It also offers outstanding portability with its compact dimensions and low weight of only 5.6 ounces.

Friendly Operation

Taking outstanding pictures is as simple as pressing the shutter release button. The camera automatically handles steps such as flash operation and film advance/rewind.

Easy One-Touch Drop-in Loading

Film loading is foolproof—just drop the film cartridge in the chamber and close the lid. The camera takes care of everything else. There is also a safety lock feature to prevent the lid from opening accidentally during shooting or rewinding.

Versatile Flash Modes

Three flash modes make it easy for anyone to take great flash photographs. With a touch of the shutter release button in the auto or fill-in mode, the red-eye reducing lamp is activated to minimize the red-eye effect—a common problem with flash portraits taken in low light.

In low light or backlight, the flash fires automatically to ensure that the illumination is appropriate.

The flash fires every time in this mode. It is especially helpful in eliminating unnatural shadows on a subject.

Flash Off
The flash does not fire in this mode. It is ideal for capturing a natural ambience or when flash photography is prohibited.

Three frame formats

At any point on the roll, the Classic, HDTV or Panorama frame format can be selected according to the subject and scene. This versatility makes photography even more fun.

The suggested list price of the Newpic XB is $72.00.

For more information on the Newpic XB, or for a photo print, slide or transparency, please contact Marlene Hess at 516-844-5195 (phone), 516-844-5262 (fax), mhess@olympus.com (email), or visit Olympus online at http://www.olympus.com.

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Type Fixed-focus lens-shutter camera Film Format IX240 cartridge film Image Size 16.7 x 30.2 mm Print Type Selection from C, H, and P print types Lens Olympus lens 24 mm, f6.3, 3 elements in 3 groups Shutter Mechanical shutter (1/100 sec.) Viewfinder Albada viewfinder, 0.68 magnification with C/H/P print type selection. Flash ready lamp. Battery check lamp. Focusing Fixed-focus
Focusing range: 3.3 Feet - Infinity
Exposure Counter Progressive type, reverses during rewind Film Speed Automatic setting. ISO 200 or above set to ISO 200;
ISO 160 or below set to ISO 100
Film Loading One-touch insertion with mechanical misloading prevention device Film Advance Automatic film winding Film Rewind Automatic film rewind at end of roll.
Mid-roll rewind is also possible
Flash Built-in flash Flash Modes Auto (automatic flash activation in low light), Off (no flash), Fill-In (forced activation). Provided with Red-Eye Reducing lamp Data recording Optical recording system (print type information only) Power Source Two AAA alkaline batteries or one 3V lithium battery (CR2) Dimensions 4.6 (W) x 2.4 (H) x 1.5 (D) inches (without protrusions) Weight 5.6 ounces (without batteries)

*Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.