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Purchasing Agreement Aids Novation Members VHA and UHC

- Contract covers Olympus clinical chemistry equipment, reagents and supplies.

July 16, 2002 (Melville, NY) - The Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc. and Novation have finalized a purchasing agreement covering Olympus chemistry-immuno systems, reagents, service, consumables and parts.

Novation selected Olympus AU-series analyzers for their members VHA Inc. and University Health System Consortium (UHC). The three-year agreement with two one-year renewal options became effective July 1, 2002. The agreement includes Olympus AU400TM, AU640TM and AU2700TM chemistry-immuno analyzers, reagents, service and supplies. Olympus Laboratory Automation (OLA) systems are included within the scope of the contract as well.

VHA Inc. and UHC are two leading national health care alliances. VHA based in Irving, Texas, is a nationwide network of more than 2,100 leading community-owned health care organizations and their physicians. It comprises 27 percent of the nation's community hospitals. UHC, headquartered in Oak Brook, IL, is an alliance of 84 academic medical centers and 80 associate members. UHC represents 70 percent of the academic medical centers in the United States. Novation itself was formed in 1998 through the combination of the supply programs of VHA and UHC. It manages more than $15 billion in annual purchases for more than 2,200 VHA and UHC members.

"We are pleased that Novation has selected Olympus America Inc. as a Business Partner," said Stephen Wasserman, Group Vice President, Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus. "The new line of Olympus lab automation systems, chemistry-immuno analyzers and reagents is designed to optimize laboratory operations. Our goal has always been focused on providing high-quality, cost-effective diagnostic testing solutions for hospital and commercial laboratories."

Sherry Dobis, Director, Laboratory Program at Novation, said the agreement will fulfill strategic objectives for VHA and UHC members. "Novation's Business Partners must demonstrate an ability to assist our members to meet their clinical objective of providing quality, cost-effective laboratory testing while helping to maintain a lasting relationship with their medical community. Olympus presents itself as an organization fully capable of meeting that goal."

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