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Welcome, The Olympus i ZOOM 75
The Next Generation in Advanced Photo System Design

MELVILLE, N.Y. (January 21, 1999)—Olympus America, Inc. is pleased to introduce an extraordinary new high-performance Advanced Photo System camera, the i Zoom 75. As the first model in this new camera series, the i Zoom 75 is a culmination of advanced technologies in performance and design and represents a new dynamic in cameras. Developed with the quality and design standards established by Olympus' award-winning 35mm Stylus Series, the i Zoom 75 incorporates the best of the best and is certain to set new standards in the market

Ultracompact, all-weather and lightweight, the i Zoom 75's 28-75mm, 2.7x zoom lens is a masterpiece of optical innovation. This high-performance zoom lens has three groups, and features two aspherical lens elements that offer superior resolution. The new model also has an autofocus system with a maximum of 500 steps and a new five-point Passive Multi AF system. The macro capability allows you to photograph sharp, clear images from as close as two feet.

In addition to the camera's many features, the spot mode lets you pinpoint different exposures in tricky lighting, making sure your subject is always brilliant. The quick charging flash takes only 2.5 seconds to recharge, ensuring that a shot will never be missed even when a flash is required. This power and speed are based on the new shape of the reflector and more efficient electronic circuitry.

The i Zoom 75 is unique in style and design, combining ergonomics and sophisticated styling. Its elongated shape makes handling and steadiness effortless. Sleek and futuristic describe the camera's look; highlighted by a lustrous ruby-gold finish, a new slim-line lens barrier leads to its elegant contours and stylish looks. Anyone using this camera will quickly appreciate its high-end quality and luxurious look and feel.

With the simple one-touch drop-in loading system, the Advanced Photo System format is ideal for even novice photographers. Selecting from three different frame formats - Classic, HDTV and Panoramic - makes photography more fun. The Information Exchange (IX) system automatically records shooting data on the films magnetic track, including the date/time, frame format and other useful details to deliver a better final image.

Main Features

High-performance 28-75mm Zoom Lens
The i Zoom 75 features a 28-75mm 2.7 zoom lens (equivalent to the 35-94mm coverage of a 35mm camera). Its two new aspherical lens elements not only ensure high resolution, but also contribute to the reduced size and weight of the lens.

Ultracompact, Lightweight Design with Advanced Ergonomics
With a high priority placed on design and ergonomics, the high performance and features of the i Zoom posed challenges for miniaturization. Olympus engineers responded with a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including a new linear clutch mechanism, a shaft drive mechanism and a four-stage lens barrel. With these innovations, the camera measures 4.2 (W) x 2.1 (H) x 1.3 (D) inches and it weighs only 5.8 ounces (without battery).

Futuristic Design with Slim-line Lens Barrier
The new slim-line lens barrier contributes to the elegant contours that create a stylish, futuristic look. The design is also highlighted by the vibrant new lustrous ruby-gold finish. Like a valued fashion accessory, the camera is so aesthetically appealing that it is enjoyable just to own

New Flash with 2.5 Second Charging
With a different reflector shape and new electronic circuitry, the flash delivers ample illumination while economizing power. The 2.5 second charging ensures that a shot will not be missed even when flash is required.

High-Precision Five-Point Passive Multi AF System
The i Zoom 75 has a five-point Passive Multi AF System that employs a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor. With a maximum of 500 steps, the AF system ensures high-precision, sharp focusing at any point from as close as 2 feet Macro shooting to infinity.

Intelligent Variable Power Flash System

The i Zoom 75's flash system has several sensors that collect information about the required illumination. It not only triggers the flash automatically in dim light or backlighting, but also adjusts the intensity for situations such as macro shooting setting that often leads to overexposure. There are also six versatile flash modes that make it easy for anyone to take great flash photographs.

The flash fires in low light and backlight, and automatically controls brightness to ensure rich, natural color even at close range.

Red-Eye Reduction
This mode minimizes the red-eye effect, which often spoils flash portraits taken in dim light. When the shutter release button is pressed, there is a series of pre-flashes before the main flash fires.

Flash Off
With the flash always off in this mode, it is suited for use where flash photography is prohibited.

Provides the 'fill' illumination needed to erase annoying shadows when shooting in harsh sunlight of high-contrast situations

Night Scene
The intensity of the flash is determined by the foreground, while the length of the exposure is set according to the backdrop. Slowing the shutter speed to as long as 4 sec., this mode achieves great results by capturing both the subject in the front and the background night-time scenery

Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene
This mode reduces the red-eye effect in pictures taken in the night scene mode. (Except for the series of pre-flashes, it is identical to the night scene mode.)

Three frame formats
Photography is even more fun when the Classic, HDTV or Panorama frame format can be selected at any point on the roll according to the subject and scene. The proportions of the real-image viewfinder change with the format, so it shows the frame exactly as it will be recorded.

Information Exchange (IX)
The camera's magnetic head automatically records shooting data that includes the date/time, frame format, subject brightness and other information in the film's magnetic tracks. This data clearly enhances picture quality and is also useful when reprints are needed.

Worry-free Weatherproofing
The i Zoom 75's weatherproofing protects against sand and dust as well as a sudden shower or splashing. Meeting the IEC grade 4 standards for "splash-proof," it offers extra reassurance on a rainy day, at a beach or on a ski slope.

Durable Metal Parts
Even with the importance placed on a lightweight design, Olympus engineers were determined to create an extremely durable body. Stainless steel and other metals were used for internal mechanisms in order to accomplish this goal. Reliability has also been boosted by shock-absorbing design that minimized the impact of external stress on the inside of the camera.

Other Features

Full-Range Auto Macro
Macro shots can be taken at any point in the zooming range. Thanks to its high-quality lens, the photographer will be able to capture sharp, clear images as close as 2 feet.

Electronic Selftimer and (Optional) Remote Control
The camera's built-in 12-second electronic selftimer, or optional infrared remote control, give the user the flexibility to get in on the picture taking.

Focus Lock
This convenient feature keeps the subject in sharp focus while the photographer adjusts the composition.

Built-in Dioptric Correction
Dioptric correction of -2 to +1 per meter (m-1) is built in to compensate for any eyesight problems.

The suggested list price of the i Zoom 75 is $454.00.

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i Zoom 75 Specifications


Full-automatic, autofocus lens-shutter camera with built-in 28-75mm zoom lens. Film Format: 1X240 cartridge film. Image Size: 16.7 x 30.2 mm. Print Type: Three selectable types (C,H,P) with magnetic IX (Information Exchange) function. Lens: Olympus lens, 28-7 mm, f4.7 - 9.9, 7 elements in 7 groups. Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter. Shutter speeds: 4-1/500 sec. Viewfinder: Real-image zoom viewfinder (with autofocus mark, close-up correction marks, autofocus indicator and flash indicator). C,H,P print type selection. With dioptric adjuster. Focusing: Passive multi-autofocus system. Focus lock possible. Focusing range: 2 feet - Infinity. Exposure Control: Programmed automatic exposure control, 3-zon e light metering, switchable to spot metering. Auto exposure range (ISO 200): Wide-angle -EV3.5 (F4.7, 2 sec.) to EV16 (F11, 1/500 sec.), Telephoto - EV5.6 (F9.9, 2 sec.) to EV17 (F19.5, 1/350 sec.). Film Speed Range: Automatic setting. Automatic setting range: ISO 25-3200. Film Loading: One-touch insertion, automatic loading (automatically advances to first frame when cartridge cover is closed). Film Advance: Automatic film winding. Film Rewind: Automatic film rewind (automatic rewind activation at end of film, automatic rewind stop). Selftimer: Electronic selftimer with approximately 12-second delay. Remote Control (optional): Infrared remote control unit with approximately 3-second delay. Flash: Built-in flash. Recycling time: Approximately 2.5 seconds (at normal temperature with new battery). Flash Working Range: ISO 200 color negative film: WIDE - 2-15.4 ft./TELE - 2-7.2 ft.
ISO 400 color negative film: WIDE - 2.21.7 ft./TELE - 2-10.2 ft.
Flash Modes: Auto Flash, Red-Eye Reducing Flash, Off, Fill-In Flash, Night Scene Flash and Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene Flash. Battery Check: Display on LCD panel. Weatherproof: IEC Standard publication 529. Classification of degrees of protection provided by enclosures.
Degree of protection indicated by the second characteristics numeral 4.
  • Short description: Protected against splashing water.
  • Definition: Water splashed against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.
  • Test for second numeral 4: The equipment is sprayed from all directions.
Power Source: One 3V lithium battery (CR-2). Dimensions: 4.2 (W) x 2.1 (H) x 1.3 (D) inches (without protrusions). Weight: 5.8 ounces (without battery).


Data Recording Method:

Recording using magnetic IX (Information Exchange) function. Data Coding: No data, year-month-day, month-day-year, day-month-year and day-hour-minute External Indication of Data: Data display on LCD panel. Automatic Calendar Function: Up to year 2030. Power Source: Ordinarily used with camera body.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.