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The NEWPIC ZOOM 600 from Olympus

MELVILLE, N.Y. (February 18, 1999)—Olympus America, Inc. is pleased to introduce the NEWPIC ZOOM 600 compact camera. Designed for the Advanced Photo System format and equipped with a 30 - 60 mm 2x zoom lens, it is a sleek stylish compact, easy-to-use, camera with a full range of features. This autofocus camera weighs a mere 7 ounces and measures 4.5 inches wide, 2.2 inches high and 1.5 inches deep.

The NEWPIC ZOOM 600 comes with a 2x zoom lens with a versatile focal length range of 30 - 60mm; a range meeting most common needs, from portraits to more spontaneous shots. In addition to being compact and lightweight for excellent portability, the body has elegant styling in a starry-silver finish, with chrome around the lens.

With the simple one-touch drop-in loading system, the Advanced Photo System format is ideal for even novice photographers. Selecting the C, H or P frame format makes photography more fun, and the user can check the scene or subject through the real-image viewfinder. The Information Exchange (IX) system automatically records shooting data on the films magnetic track, including the date/time, frame format and other useful details.

An array of other features enhances the NEWPIC ZOOM 600 cost performance, satisfying users. The landscape mode ensures sharp results when shooting scenic landscapes, while the six versatile flash options include red-eye reduction and night scene modes increasing photographic flexibility.

Main Features

Compact and lightweight
This is the perfect camera for everyday use due to its compact and lightweight design. The NEWPIC ZOOM 600 measures just 4.5 (W) x 2.2 (H) x 1.5 (D) inches and weighs a mere 7.0 ounces (without the battery).

30 - 60 mm 2x zoom lens
The 30 - 60 mm 2x zoom lens, equivalent to the 38 - 75mm coverage of a conventional 35mm zoom camera, is suited to most common shooting needs, from landscapes to portraits. The two aspherical glass lenses, arranged in five elements in five groups, ensure superior resolution. There is also a macro function that allows shooting from as close as 2 feet.

Three frame formats
Users can select from the three frame formats C, H and P to fit the subject and scene perfectly. Changing with the frame format, the real-image viewfinder makes composition effortless.

Easy Drop-in Loading
The NEWPIC ZOOM 600 is easy for anyone to load. Simply drop in the film cartridge and close the lid—the rest is automatic.

Information Exchange (IX)
The camera is equipped with a magnetic head, which records shooting data—including the date/time, frame format and other information—on the films magnetic track. The data is especially useful when making reprints.

Versatile flash modes

Six versatile flash modes make it easy for anyone to take great flash photographs.

The flash fires automatically in low light to ensure appropriate illumination.

Red-Eye Reduction
This mode reduces the red-eye effect—a common problem with flash portraits shot in the dark. When the shutter release button is pressed, a series of pre-flashes are emitted before the main flash fires.

Flash Off
With the flash always off in this mode, it is suited to capturing the mood of the moment or occasions where flash photography is prohibited.

The flash always fires in this mode, creating a natural look by eliminating annoying shadows such as the ones under trees in strong sunlight.

Night Scene
This mode makes it easy to take outstanding shots in difficult conditions at night. To capture the background, the shutter speed is slowed to as long as 1/6 sec., while the intensity of the flash and exposure are determined by the brightness of the foreground.

Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene
This mode reduces the red-eye effect in pictures taken in the night scene mode. Except for the series of pre-flashes for reducing red-eye, it is identical to the night scene mode.

Landscape mode
By maximizing the depth of field, this shooting mode is designed for landscapes where details of scenery in the distance are essential.

The suggested list price of the NEWPIC ZOOM 600 is $181.00.

For more information on the NEWPIC ZOOM 600, or for a photo print, slide or transparency, please contact Marlene Hess at 516-844-5195 (phone), 516-844-5262 (fax), mhess@olympus.com (email), or visit Olympus online at http://www.olympus.com.

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Fully automatic Advanced Photo System autofocus lens-shutter camera with built-in 30 - 60mm zoom lens Film Format:
IX240 cartridge film Image Size:
16.7 X 30.2 mm Print Type:
Three selectable types (C/H/P) with the magnetic IX (Information Exchange) function Lens:
Olympus lens, 30 - 60mm, f4.5 - 8.5, 5 elements in 5 groups Shutter:
Electronically controlled lens shutter Shutter Speeds:
1/ 6 - 1/ 320 sec. Focusing:
Active type autofocus with focus lock. Focusing range:
2 feet -Infinity Landscape mode Viewfinder:
Real-image type zoom viewfinder, C/H/P print type selection Magnification ratio:
0.32x - 0.59x Viewfinder Display:
Autofocus frame, close-up correction mark, flash indicator lamp Exposure Control:
Programmed AE, auto-flash at lowlight levels Exposure Counter:
Subtractive type LCD panel display Film Speed Range:
Automatic setting ISO 50 -1600 Film Loading:
One-touch insertion, automatic loading (automatically advances to first frame when camera back is closed.) Film Advance:
Automatic film winding Film Rewind:
Automatic rewind at end of roll. Mid-roll rewind possible. Self timer:
Electronic self-timer with approx. 10-sec. delay Flash:
Built-in flash. Recycling time: Approx. 8 sec. (with new battery at normal temperature) Flash Range:
Wide: 2-14.5 ft., Tele: 2 - 7.6 ft. with ISO200 color negative film Wide: 2 - 20.7 ft., Tele: 2 - 10.9 ft. with ISO400 color negative film Flash Modes:
Auto (automatic flash activation in low light), Red-Eye Reduction, Flash Off, Fill-in, Night scene, Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene Mode / Data Display:
LCD panel Power Source:
One CR2 lithium battery Dimensions:
4.5(W) x 2.2(H) x 1.5(D) mm (without protrusions) Weight:
7.0 ounces (without battery)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.