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Olympus Expands its World-Renowned, Award-Winning
Stylus Line Due to Overwhelming Customer Demand

MELVILLE, NY (February 18, 1999)—In response to the enormous popularity of the award-winning Olympus Stylus Series, which last year reached a milestone of over 10 million cameras sold, Olympus America, Inc. is pleased to introduce four Stylus models with new, expanded features.

The new versions feature both a quartz date function (QD) and the stylish champagne gold finish in four premier Olympus Stylus Series cameras. The results are four new and exciting models – the Stylus Zoom 140 QD, Stylus Zoom 115 QD, Stylus Epic Zoom 80 QD, and Stylus Epic QD.

The Stylus Series has earned worldwide popularity through the camera’s ergonomically superior shape and unique clam-shell design, giving the photographer a balanced and stable feel in the hand. The sliding lens barrier securely covers the lens when it’s closed, creating a sleek surface that enhances both aesthetic appeal, portability and ruggedness.

Both the Stylus Zoom 140 and 115, which offer extraordinary versatility with 38-140mm and 38-115mm zoom lenses respectively, have gained great popularity and accolades for their achievements in superior performance alongside lightweight, ultracompact design. The Stylus Epic and Stylus Epic Zoom 80 take ultracompact design to the next level. The addition of the QD versions builds on these achievements to offer both improved function and style.

Each Stylus camera in the series features multi-flash modes – including auto flash with red-eye reduction – auto film load, advance and rewind, spot metering and a self-timer.

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