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Olympus DP70 Digital Microscope Camera

High Resolution…High Sensitivity…Low Noise…High-speed Data Transfer

MELVILLE, NY, March 2003 -- The Scientific Equipment Group of OLYMPUS AMERICA INC., brings you the latest in imaging technology, the Olympus DP70, 12.5 megapixel cooled digital color camera. The DP70 offers high resolution, high sensitivity, and high-speed data transfer and is equipped to capture images from demanding applications, including fluorescence.

The DP70 is a 12-bit camera, producing images with 36-bits of RGB color depth for recording subtle color gradations and intensities. Now a microscopist can utilize the full range of a microscope’s optics. Simply match the microscope’s resolution to the camera’s resolution with one of the four resolution options: 4080x3072, 2040x1536, 1360x1024, or 680x512. The final result is images that are created with outstanding detail and color in only 3 seconds.

The DP70 uses a 1.45 million pixel CCD with a Bayer color filter. To increase the spatial resolution, the CCD is coupled with pixel-shifting technology; resulting in images with an ultra-high resolution of 4080 x 3072 pixels. This camera is an excellent choice for a broad range of imaging applications including fluorescence; incorporating excellent sensitivity, Peltier cooling, and a unique SFL (super fluorescence) auto-exposure mode.

Developed by Olympus, the camera control software utilized by the DP70 has easy-to-use menus and a graphic user interface that is based on an advanced, multi-function photomicrography concept. Included in the program is an image management interface where the stored images, displayed as thumbnails, are easily dragged and dropped for viewing. In addition, there is a 6-channel image merging function where fluorescence and DIC combinations can be merged into one multi-color image.

To learn more about the Olympus DP70 digital camera or other OLYMPUS products contact: Olympus America Inc., 2 Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747; Phone: 1-800-455-8236; E-mail: olympusseg@econnextions.com; or visit our website.