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Olympus Introduces The EZ-Shot Disposable Needle

- The only single-use needle for EUS-guided FNA designed specifically for use with Olympus CLA echoendoscopes

ORLANDO, FL, May 18, 2003 --- Olympus Optical Co., Ltd., Tokyo, today announces the launch of EZ-Shot, the only single-use needle for EUS-guided FNA designed specifically for use with Olympus CLA echoendoscopes.

Because the EZ-Shot disposable needle is designed by the same company that designed the Olympus CLA echoendoscope, users can be assured of compatibility and optimal performance. There's less chance of damage to the endoscope channel, equipment downtime is reduced, and the life of the endoscope is protected.

EZ-Shot comes pre-assembled and sterilized and has a dimpled tip design for excellent needle visibility. EZ-Shot also features an adjustable needle projection (up to 8.0cm) with a locking mechanism for added safety. Clinical evaluations have shown that in most cases, the EZ-Shot disposable needle performed better than the market leader.

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