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ScopeGuideTM Endoscope Insertion Tube System

Fact Sheet: May 2003

ScopeGuideTM is an innovative new system for colorectal cancer screening. Developed by Olympus Optical Co., Ltd., Tokyo, ScopeGuide is the first insertion tube system that enables physicians to see --- without the risk of x-ray exposure --- the shape of the scope from the outside during an endoscopic examination.

ScopeGuide incorporates a special coil that generates magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are detected by ScopeGuide's built-in antenna and are processed to generate a composite display of the scope's shape on the monitor --- leaving no question as to the scope's location at all times. While conventional fluoroscope systems pose the problem of x-ray exposure and are costly, bulky and inconvenient to use, the compact, easy-to-use ScopeGuide system provides a constant 3D display of the scope's shape regardless of the angle.

In addition to potential benefits such as shorter insertion time and faster access to the cecum, possibly the most important benefit of ScopeGuide may be the reduction of patient discomfort, making it ideal for use in difficult colonoscopies. In many cases, patient discomfort is caused by the occurrence of a loop. If a colonoscopy is performed while confirming the scope shape with ScopeGuide, the scope can be manipulated to minimize loop size or to avoid loops altogether. This could contribute significantly to keeping patient discomfort at a minimum.

ScopeGuide is also being seen as a valuable educational tool. When training doctors in colonoscopic techniques, nothing is more useful than real-time confirmation of the scope shape. No other device available can show the experienced colonoscopist's technique as clearly and comprehensibly as ScopeGuide. With reports indicating a worldwide shortage of trained colonoscopists, the possible educational benefits of ScopeGuide could be of great help in alleviating this.

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