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Louisiana Teacher Wins Digital Microscope from Olympus in Nationwide Promotion

'MIC-D' Microscope Now in Use at Berwick Junior High School

Melville, N.Y., June 2003 - Olympus America Inc., a leading provider of innovative, high quality optics and digital products for the consumer and healthcare markets, today announces that Kirk Courtney of Berwick, La., was named the winner of a nation-wide promotional contest and received a MIC-D digital microscope for his school.

Courtney has been teaching at the 440-student Berwick Junior High School since the start of the 2002-03 school year. Each day, he taught in all subject areas in Resource Classes for the school's grades 6-8 students and also led a GED class. Courtney started teaching with the St. Mary Parish School District in 1990. For the 2003-04 school year, he will return to Berwick High School.

Berwick is located in South Central Louisiana, about 95 miles southwest from New Orleans, near Morgan City.

To enter the promotional contest, Courtney viewed a short video about MIC-D on its website at http://www.olympusamerica.com/mic-d. His name was pulled from the more than 2,000 entries by MIC-D's product manager, Christopher Higgins. The microscope was delivered to the school by Jerry Poag, Southwest sales representative for Olympus.

"Being able to show what MIC-D is and how it works in a Flash video was the perfect way to showcase this digital imaging technology to thousands of classroom teachers," said Christopher Higgins, Product Manager (Olympus Scientific Equipment Group). "Teachers deserve to have the very best instructional technologies in their classrooms and we are thrilled that Kirk Courtney is able to infuse his science instruction with MIC-D and the wealth of lesson plans and instructional resources provided on its companion website."

About MIC-D
The heart of the MIC-D is a CMOS digital camera that sends digital images directly to the computer. Traditional microscopes use eyepieces for viewing, allowing only one student at a time to see the enlarged image. With the MIC-D, an entire class can see the magnified image at the same time on a computer monitor or projection screen, viewing full-color 310,000-pixel (640 x 480) images. Using bundled software, images can be instantly captured, saved, modified and e-mailed. And if one image is not enough, the MIC-D can even make digital real-time or time-lapse AVI movies.

Key to the MIC-D is its inverted design-the lens looks up at the stage rather than down on the specimen. This allows, for example, large objects and dishes of water to be observed with remarkable clarity. Additionally, the MIC-D features a versatile illumination system that can be tilted at different angles to enhance contrast and even allows reflected light viewing for solid materials.

Instead of a series of fixed lenses, the MIC-D uses one master lens that zooms from 22x to 255x. Students and teachers can change magnification easily, via a tactile handgrip, without moving or disrupting the sample. And with the inverted design, the sample is almost always near the lens so only minor focusing is required.

Digital image galleries show all the illumination techniques possible with the MIC-D. Also available are an online demo, an illustrated "how to" guide for the digital microscope, sample applications, plus curricula on optics, microscopy and digital image processing. Find all of these resources at http://www.mic-d.com/.

Pricing and availability
For ordering information, visit http://www.mic-d.com/. The MIC-D is also available from Fisher Scientific Company L.L.C. (www.fisherscientific.com). Suggested retail price is $995.

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