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Olympus Announces Combination Stereo Digital Voice Recorder & Music Player with 128MB Built-in Memory - The DM-20

Complete Audio Solution Features 45 Hours of Voice Recording, Remote Control/External Microphone and Convenient USB Docking Station

Melville, New York, August 1, 2003 - Olympus America, the leading manufacturer of digital voice recorders, today launched the DM-20 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder/Music Player with 128MB of built-in memory for nearly 45 hours of voice recording or two hours of CD-quality music. A powerful tool for business or pleasure, the DM-20 comes with standard features like the included USB docking station for quick file transfer to either PC or Mac, and a combination remote control/external microphone that will have users working hard and playing hard in no time.

The compact, lightweight design and smooth, silvery finish of the DM-20 make it the ideal travel companion to take anywhere. Measuring a mere 4.31" x 1.56" x 0.6" (H x W x D) and only 3 ounces, the attractive and ergonomic DM-20 fits comfortably in the hand of the on-the-go professional or exercise enthusiast.

With a combination attached remote control/external microphone, users of the DM-20 will impress friends by recording audio at a distance from the voice recorder. This is a convenient feature whenever it's necessary to adjust settings on the DM-20 without picking it up, or when keeping the recorder out of sight is more desirable.

The DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder comes with a USB docking station. Simply record high-quality voice files in either WMA or DSS format with the DM-20 and then place it in the included docking station to begin downloading hours of audio to a PC or Mac.

The DM-20 provides 2,700 minutes of voice recording time or two hours of CD-quality MP3 and WMA files with 128MB of built-in flash memory. And with a built-in WOWTM sound system producing rich bass, clear three-dimensional sound, and a user-selectable 5-setting equalizer, the sound quality of the DM-20 is unparalleled. Sound quality can be made even clearer with the Olympus innovative noise canceling technology, which removes unwanted hiss and background noise.

To suit various sound conditions, users can also adjust the microphone's sensitivity. The recorder can be viewed in low-light situations, such as at a lecture hall or during presentations, thanks to the easy-to-read backlit Liquid Crystal Display.

The DM-20 has five separate file folders with 199 files in each folder to allow users to organize nearly 1,000 files according to personalized subjects, such as "work," "personal," and "to do." Alarm playback can also be programmed for meetings, dates, show reminders or wake-up calls. The user simply dictates reminders into the DM-20, such as "Time to pick up the kids!" and assigns a time for this message to go off like an alarm clock alarm.

Exciting Features
The DM-20 is perfectly suited to meet varying professional needs. Voice files can be easily added to emails or forwarded to others for transcription. The optional AS-3000 Transcription Kit (DSS Player Pro transcription module with footswitch and headset) can further streamline this process. The DM-20 is also compatible with leading voice recognition software including IBM's Via Voice.

Users can store up to 2,700 minutes of continuous recording in Long Play mode (1260 minutes in Standard Play). These extended recording times are made possible with the high-compression DSS (Digital Speech Standard) file format in the Standard Play and Long Play modes, and WMA format in the Super High Quality and High Quality modes. After capture, recordings can be erased, or moved between folders. The DM-20 also allows up to 16 index marks to be set per message - both during recording and playback - so that specific sections of individual dictations are always quickly located. The individual files can be played back at three different speeds: normal, fast or slow - through either the built-in speaker or included earphones. In addition, with the Repeat Playback function, the DM-20 can repeatedly play back a particular user-selected section of audio recording - ideal for transcribing dictation.

The Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) ensures that recording begins only when the sound is sensed. And the security lock function prevents accidental deletion of sensitive files.

The DM-20 recorders will be available in August 2003.

U.S. Pricing
DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder Street Price: $289.00 (U.S.)
DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder SRP: $299.00 (U.S.)

DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder Street Price: $449.95 (Canada)
DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder SRP: $674.00 (Canada)

For more information contact Chris Sluka, public relations manager, Olympus America Inc, Consumer Products Group, Two Corporate Center Dr., Melville, NY 11747-3157, ph: (631) 844-5000 (800) 622-6372, Fax: (631) 844-5262. Review units and high-resolution images of the DM-20 Voice Recorder/Music Player are available from Mullen Public Relations. Contact Michael Bourne, senior account executive, 978-468-8953 or michael.bourne@mullen.com.

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