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Olympus FluoView™ FV1000 Confocal Microscope Offers Higher Sensitivity, Faster Scanning for Live Cell Imaging

Unique SIM Scanner for synchronized laser scanning, High-resolution Spectral Detection for high speed spectroscopy

Melville, NY, March 25, 2004 - The Olympus FluoView™ FV1000 confocal microscope opens new frontiers in live cell imaging with advanced technologies that provide improved sensitivity and high scan speeds for imaging live organisms with minimal specimen damage.

The innovative, Olympus-developed SIM Scanner incorporates two independent, fully synchronized laser scanners in a single compact design for simultaneous laser stimulation and confocal observation. Rapid cellular reactions that occur during or immediately following laser stimulation may now be captured without a time lag. Such studies of rapid cellular responses can provide important insight into how various cellular mechanisms operate. This makes the FV1000 ideal for such advanced techniques as FRAP, FLIP, uncaging, photoactivation and photoconversion.

In addition, the FV1000 offers a proprietary spectral optical design system featuring ultra-high, 2-nanometer (nm) wavelength resolution, and high speed spectroscopy at 100nm/msec. There are two independent photomultiplier tube (PMT) channels for spectral detection, each configured with a diffraction grating and variable slit for high resolution wavelength separation and high-speed bandwidth selection. Normal and Blind spectral unmixing modes are provided for automatic discrimination between fluorochromes of similar color.

Imaging is brighter, faster and more precise with the new confocal system. The PMTs, selected for high efficiency, can be used in either analog accumulation (AAC) mode or in hybrid photon counting mode (HPCM), ideal for low light specimens. Ion deposition filters are used for increased sensitivity and full wavelength coverage. High signal-to-noise ratios ensure efficient fluorescence detection, even under low laser conditions that minimize damage to living cells.

The system offers a high scan speed of 16 frames per second, and 1ms/100nm wavelength scans. In addition, the FV1000 provides more precise data, not only through its spectral separation system with 2nm wavelength resolution, but also by offering stable data acquisition and consistent fluorescence measurements. The unique laser feedback and stabilizing system provides precise control of the laser intensity over time, a necessary feature for accurate time-lapse quantitation.

The FluoView FV1000 is fully motorized and provides an open configuration designed for easy expandability. With up to five channels of detection, the new graphical user interface is simple to use and provides advanced protocols that are easy to set up.

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