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Olympus Photo Printer Wins Three Awards in One Week

Olympus America Inc., Digital & Imaging Systems Group, the world leader in film and filmless photography, today announced that the Olympus P-330 Instant Photo Printer won three awards in one week during the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Show. The awards received are the "PMA Photo Printer Shoot-out Winner," the "PMA Innovative Product Award," and the "Digital Focus/Popular Photography Excellence in Imaging Award for "Best Photo Printer."

In judging the Photo Printer Shoot-out, the same "target" file was supplied to 32 different printer manufacturers. All were asked to make a sample print. The samples from 90 entries were then posted in the main exhibit hall where PMA voting members were given two days to look the sample prints over and record their choice. The P-330 Instant Photo Printer output was chosen over all others in the "photo printer" (below 8.5" x 11") category earning it the honor of Best Photo Printer Shoot-out Winner . Voting was based on criteria that included image/print quality, production speed and price.

Of all the thousands of products announced during the last year the PMA Innovative Product Award was given to only 10 products. The winners were selected by a number of independent editors from leading trade and industry publications as those items that were deemed the most innovative products of the show. All product types were eligible and the winners included software, printers and even memory devices. The P-330 was the only printer awarded this honor.

Digital Focus/Popular Photography also awarded the P-330 Instant Photo Printer the "Best Photo Printer" at their 2nd annual Excellence In Imaging Awards also held during PMA. Popular Photography and DigitalFocus, the leading independent authority on digital imaging presented the DigitalFocus Award for Excellence in Imaging. The DigitalFocus newsletter, published by PepCom Inc., brings digital imaging news and reviews to an audience of photography, electronics, and computer industry professionals and retailers.

"We are pleased to have won this prestigious award," said Brett Serxner, product manager. "The P-330 Instant Photo Printer is the world's first printer that offers you better photographic quality than conventional instant photography from the convenience of your home entertainment center."

The Olympus P-330 Instant Photo Printer provides filmless photo viewing and printing through a TV set, directly from a camera, or from a computer. Easy to use, the P-330 directly reads SmartMedia cards, thus avoiding cables and printing aggravation. Consumers can easily create prints and reprints in about two minutes at home or at the office, without taking a trip to a photo store.

"Convenient and high-quality photo printing is the missing link in digital photography for many consumers, and Olympus' P-330 Instant Photo Printer makes that connection." said Chris O'Malley, editor of DigitalFocus. "The P-330's television interface, SmartMedia card reader, and fast, film-like prints make it our Photo Printer of the year."

The P-330 Instant Photo Printer has 5 major uses: 1. It is an instant home entertainment printer. It enables viewing images on the TV for cropping and printing up to 30 copies of photos in four sizes of the same or different images at once. 2. It is also a video frame grabber/printer. Printing frames from any camcorder or VHS/DVD video signal, it can print any image displayed on a TV monitor. 3. It is a dedicated photo printer connecting to virtually all-common computers (Windows and Macintosh). The P-330 can print any computer generated image, including downloads from the Internet and images edited on a computer. 4. It is a SmartMedia card reader, which allows all SmartMedia memory cards from Olympus (or other digital cameras) to be inserted directly into the printer for quick and easy downloading of images via the parallel port (Windows only). 5. It is a dedicated printer for Olympus filmless digital cameras, direct printing images from the camera or removable cards.