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Fact Sheet: October 2004

Olympus Integration is a service that enables seamless interconnectivity and access to information by doctors and nurses in the O.R., both in new or existing facilities, through the use of improved workflow, improved patient and room scheduling, enhanced collaboration, and staff efficiency, all while protecting their investment in existing Olympus equipment in their ALPHA O.R.TM

Olympus Integration Service Consultants customize solutions designed to meet a facilityís objectives and vision. As the leading manufacturer of endoscopic imaging worldwide, Olympus has now pioneered the integration of images and data. Olympus has developed a project management team unparalleled in the industry. From Project Engineers, O.R. and G.I. Nurse Advisors to Project Managers and Financial Planners, the Olympus Integration Project Management team will perform a needs assessment, prepare a design proposal and determine equipment specifications that will enable doctors and nurses to reach their integration goals.

The team works with a customerís architects, project engineers and other project members to ensure that the project is on schedule and on budget and will provide assistance in the room design, workflow and help optimize technology utilization.

With Olympus Integration, it is possible to collaborate with colleagues anywhere around the world via the Internet or ISDN in real time, provide touchscreen control in the sterile field for surgeons and at the nursing station, route and display video to specified locations outside of the O.R. (i.e.: conference rooms, auditoriums, other clinical areas), route hospital computer system information and radiology images from the sterile field and at the nurseís station, connect and route video from mobile systems (i.e.: fluoroscopy, ultrasound) to desired monitor locations and interface to any software program for storing data or printing images.

Additionally, the value of Olympus Integration grows beyond the improvement of staff and facility productivity when one considers the added benefits such as added revenue from educational course offerings, enhanced staff retention, improved physician and nurse recruitment, increased procedure volume and expanded community outreach opportunities.

For more information about Olympus Integration Services, please call Olympus America Inc. Medical Systems Group at 1-800-548-5515, or visit www.alphaor.com

Olympus is a precision technology leader, designing and delivering innovative solutions in healthcare and consumer electronics worldwide.

Olympus works collaboratively with its customers and its parent company, Tokyo-based Olympus Corporation, to leverage R&D investment in precision technology and manufacturing processes across diverse business lines. These include:

  • Gastrointestinal endoscopes, accessories, and minimally invasive surgical products;
  • Advanced clinical and research microscopes;
  • Lab automation systems, chemistry-immuno and blood bank analyzers and reagents;
  • Digital and film cameras and digital voice recorders.
In the U.S. and Canada, Olympus serves healthcare and commercial laboratory markets with integrated product solutions and financial, educational and consulting services that help customers efficiently, reliably, safely, and easily achieve superior results.

Olympus is the leader in gastrointestinal endoscopy and clinical and educational microscopes. The company's market leading consumer electronics business spans North and South America. For more information, visit www.olympusamerica.com