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EndoEYETM Surgical Videoscopes
Fact Sheet: October 2004

EndoEYETM surgical videoscopes, which are powered by the VISERATM multi-specialty digital imaging platform, provide advanced digital image processing and output. Each EndoEYE videoscope features a color CCD (charge-coupled device) miniaturized camera chip in the distal end where the objective lens is located.

Placing the imaging device in the tip of the device makes fragile rod lenses a thing of the past and EndoEYE’s “eye-inside” digital imaging technology eliminates human and environmental variables for uncompromised image quality. Only EndoEYE surgical videoscopes can provide superior, consistent imaging time after time. Having the CCD chip distally mounted also allows the surgeon to, in effect, look directly at the surgical site, rather than ‘looking in through a window,’ as is the case with conventional camera head and telescope systems. Additionally, because of the distal CCD placement, the EndoEYE image requires no focusing.

The EndoEYE family of surgical videoscopes includes the world’s first fully autoclavable videoscopes in both 10mm and 5mm versions, both of which are available in both straight viewing and 30° angled viewing. Autoclave sterilization shortens the set-up and reprocessing time while reducing the running costs of medical devices. The lineup also includes the LTF-V3, the world’s first deflectable tip laparo-thoracic surgical videoscope. Its 4-way angulation optimizes the surgeon’s maneuverability and anatomical viewing capability.

In September 2003, the Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons (SLS) recognized the Olympus EndoEYE surgical videoscope as one of the Innovations of the Year at the SLS 12th International Congress and Endo Expo 2003.

In December 2003, the Olympus EndoEYE family of surgical videoscopes was awarded the 2003 Technology Innovation Award for Minimally Invasive Surgery Instruments and Laparoscopes by Frost & Sullivan, the international strategic marketing, consulting and training firm that tracks advances in a wide array of technological areas.

Designed to be used with the Olympus VISERA™ digital imaging platform, which features the only true end-to-end digital technology for digital processing and output, EndoEYE surgical videoscopes assure surgeons of a consistent, superior image quality every time.

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