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Olympus Announces Multi-Function
Home Entertainment Photo Printer

Olympus America Inc., Digital & Imaging Systems Group, the leader of film and filmless photography, today announced the Olympus P-330 Instant Home Photo Printer, for filmless photo viewing and printing through a TV set, directly from a camera, or from a computer. Easy-to-use, the P-330 directly reads SmartMedia cards, thus avoiding cables and printing aggravation. Consumers can easily create prints and reprints in about two minutes at home or at the office, without taking a trip to a photo store.

The P-330 true photo dye-sublimation printer has five major uses: 1. It is an instant home entertainment printer. It enables viewing images on the TV for cropping and printing up to 30 copies of photos in four sizes of up to 16 different images at once. 2. It is also a video frame grabber/printer. Printing frames from any camcorder or VHS/DVD video signal, it can print any image displayed on a TV monitor. 3. It is a dedicated photo printer connecting to virtually all common computers (Windows and Macintosh). The P-330 can print any computer generated image, including downloads from the Internet and images edited on a computer. 4. It is a SmartMedia card reader, which allows all SmartMedia memory cards from Olympus (or other digital cameras) to be inserted directly into the printer for quick and easy downloading of images via the parallel port (Windows only). 5. It is a dedicated printer for Olympus filmless digital cameras, direct printing images from the camera or removable cards.

The P-330 prints 1, 4, 9, or 16 photos per sheet to be printed in single or multiple copies on photo paper or labels or as thermal transfers for printing on photo mugs or other merchandise. Images can first be manipulated using the sharpen or cropping capability in two sizes on your TV. Images can also be individually tagged on the SmartMedia card using the Olympus digital camera image selection feature for later printing. Conversely, all images can be printed consecutively using the P-330 "all card" feature.

The images can be transferred directly from the camera by simply removing the SmartMedia card and inserting it into the printer. Images can also be printed from a computer through the serial (Macintosh) or parallel port (Windows) for users who want to retouch their photos before printing. The P-330 printer provides three pass capability for fast and economical printing and four pass printing with a UV overcoat protection for extra image longevity. The printer auto-senses the ink ribbon cartridge (three or four pass) and responds accordingly. It prints a 4" x 5.5" page at a rate of about 2 minutes per page in 24-bit color depth with 16.7 million true colors. The combination of an Olympus (or other SmartMedia) digital camera and the P-330 printer creates the complete photo print center for home and discriminating professionals alike.

"The P-330 addresses the #1 consumer complaint with digital cameras—cumbersome image downloading with cables," said Brett Serxner, product manager, Photo Printers, Olympus America, Digital & Imaging Systems Group. "With the P-330, a SmartMedia card reader is built right in for quick, easy and cable-free downloading and printing of images."

The P-330 includes the printer, and photo paper pack. It is available for both Macintosh or PC computers immediately and is expected to sell for $449.