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ALPHA O.R.TM by Olympus
Fact Sheet: October 2004

ALPHA O.R.TM by Olympus is a totally customized operating room offering the highest level of patient care through seamless, build-on-demand (BOD) integration of surgical and communication devices. By providing real time-saving and cost-saving benefits such as quicker O.R. set-up and by enabling supertior imaging for quicker visualization, treatment and reporting, ALPHA O.R. reduces stress for surgeons, nurses, and support staff. Additionally, product compatibility is ensured with each addition to the ALPHA O.R. because the ALPHA O.R. is designed by Olympus.

What makes an O.R. an ALPHA O.R.
While each facility can customize and build upon different levels of Olympus integration technology to achieve the ALPHA O.R that meets their unique needs, the baseline components of an ALPHA O.R. consist of the VISERATM multi-specialty digital imaging platform and EndoEYETM surgical videoscopes utilizing unique "eye-inside" technology.

In its most advanced form, ALPHA O.R. also includes the EndoALPHATM centralized O.R. control system and the SonoSurgTM ultrasonic cutting and coagulation system. It also utilizes Olympus IntegrationTM, a customized service that enables seamless interconnectivity and access to information by doctors and nurses, both in new or existing facilities.

Core to every ALPHA O.R. : VISERATM Multi-specialty, Digital Imaging Platform
VISERA allows you to customize each procedure while maintaining standardization on your surgical platform, creating greater operating efficiency for O.R. staff and surgeons alike. The VISERA platform supports a wide range of surgical specialties including: general surgery, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, anesthesia, pulmonology, thoracic, colorectal, otolaryngology, and neurosurgery. What’s more, VISERA can be upgraded to match the changing and diverse needs of a facility’s medical staff by adding BOD modules even after the unit has been purchased and installed. Additionally, high-quality still and moving digital images can be recorded, stored and forwarded, making application and management of recorded images smoother than ever. Picture-in-Picture imaging is another feature that further enhances VISERA’s performance capabilities.

The VISERA platform powers both rigid and flexible EndoEYETM surgical videoscopes. The rigid EndoEYE videoscopes are designed for general surgery, urology, and gynecology laparoscopic applications. A deflectable tip EndoEYE laparo-thoracic videoscope is also available. Flexible EndoEYE videoscopes are available for ENT (rhinolaryngoscopy), gynecology (hysteroscopy), urology (cystoscopy), thoracic (thorascoscopy) and anesthesiology (intubation) applications. VISERA also features 17 camera heads, many of which are autoclavable. Autoclave sterilization shortens the set-up and reprocessing time while reducing the running cost of medical devices.

The “Eyes” of ALPHA O.R. : Visionary EndoEYETM Surgical Videoscopes
Powered by VISERA, the revolutionary line of EndoEYE surgical videoscopes features a color CCD (charge-coupled device) miniaturized camera chip at the distal tip. Placing the imaging device in the tip of the device makes fragile rod lenses a thing of the past and EndoEYE’s "eye-inside" digital imaging technology eliminates human and environmental variables for uncompromised image quality. Only EndoEYE surgical videoscopes can provide superior, consistent imaging time after time. Having the CCD chip distally mounted also allows the surgeon to, in effect, look directly at the surgical site, rather than ‘looking in through a window,’ as is the case with conventional camera head and telescope systems.

In September 2003, the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS) recognized the Olympus EndoEYE surgical videoscope as one of the Innovations of the Year at the SLS 12th International Congress and Endo Expo.

In December 2003, the Olympus EndoEYE family of surgical videoscopes was awarded the 2003 Technology Innovation Award for Minimally Invasive Surgery Instruments and Laparoscopes by Frost & Sullivan, the international strategic marketing, consulting and training firm that tracks advances in a wide array of technological areas.

The &brain& of ALPHA O.R.: EndoALPHATM Centralized O.R. Control System with touchscreen and voice navigation technology
EndoALPHA provides instantaneous and centralized control for OR equipment --- insufflation, energy, digital documentation and archiving --- from a single touchscreen or through an optional voice navigation feature. And it does so while serving a multitude of surgical specialties. The system’s control and visual displays can be customized to reflect the equipment being used and the specialty of the surgeon without cluttering the screen. Fully upgradeable to protect against obsolescence, EndoALPHA offers a range of choices and price points.

With its optional voice navigation feature, EndoALPHA requires no voice card, so there’s no wasted downtime training it. The user can go directly to the desired commands without a set command sequence. Prompts on the universal display guide the user through the command index, making voice control an effortless experience from both inside and outside the sterile field. The surgeon can also control surgical devices directly via a remote control touch panel. This facilitates complex, minimally invasive surgical procedures, which translates into lower treatment costs for managed care providers.

EndoALPHA includes up to 100 electronic preference cards, allowing a facility to preset each physician’s specifications for quick and easy set up prior to every procedure, decreasing turnaround time.

The "hands" of ALPHA O.R.: SonoSurgTM Ultrasonic Cutting and Coagulation System As the only surgical ultrasonic cutting and coagulating system that is completely reusable and autoclavable, SonoSurg can save a facility over $200 per procedure compared to disposable systems. SonoSurg cuts and coagulates simultaneously and its scissors can be rotated 360º without rotating the wrist or switching hands so the cutting and coagulation can proceed more quickly and efficiently even in more intricate procedures.

SonoSurg is also available with curved scissor probes and hooks with superior handling for laparoscopic procedures. Many SonoSurg probes are HF compatible, reducing the need to switch instruments during a procedure. SonoSurg even has an automatic mist evacuation feature to maintain a clear image at all times. And, it is also the only ultrasonic cutting and coagulating system compatible with Intuitive Surgical’s daVinci® Surgical System.

The service that pulls it all together to connect, communicate, and collaborate: Olympus IntegrationTM
Olympus Integration enables seamless interconnectivity and access to information by doctors and nurses in the O.R., both in new or existing facilities, through the use of improved workflow, improved patient and room scheduling, enhanced collaboration, and staff efficiency, all while protecting their investment in existing Olympus equipment.

Olympus Integration Service Consultants customize solutions designed to meet a facility’s objectives and vision. As the leading manufacturer of endoscopic imaging worldwide, Olympus has now pioneered the integration of images and data. Olympus has developed a project management team unparalleled in the industry. From Project Engineers, O.R. and G.I. Nurse Advisors to Project Managers and Financial Planners, the Olympus Integration Project Management team will perform a needs assessment, prepare a design proposal and determine equipment specifications that will enable doctors and nurses to reach their integration goals.

The team works with a customer’s architects, project engineers and other project members to ensure that the project is on schedule and on budget and will provide assistance in room design, workflow and help optimize technology utilization.

With Olympus IntegrationTM, it is possible to collaborate with colleagues anywhere around the world via the Internet or ISDN in real time, provide touchscreen control in the sterile field for surgeons and at the nursing station, route and display video to specified locations outside of the O.R. (i.e.: conference rooms, auditoriums, other clinical areas), route hospital computer system information and radiology images from the sterile field and at the nurse’s station, connect and route video from mobile systems (i.e.: fluoroscopy, ultrasound) to desired monitor locations and interface to any software program for storing data or printing images.

Additionally, the value of Olympus Integration grows beyond the improvement of staff and facility productivity when one considers the added benefits such as added revenue from educational course offerings, enhanced staff retention, improved physician and nurse recruitment, increased procedure volume and expanded community outreach opportunities.

For more information about ALPHA O.R. or any of its components, please call Olympus America Inc. Medical Systems Group at 1-800-548-5515, or visit

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