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Olympus Pearlcorder S701 and S713 Microcassette™ Recorders

MELVILLE N.Y. (February 18, 1999)—Olympus America Inc., the inventor of the Microcassette format, has introduced a redesign of the popular S700 Microcassette recorder series, while continuing to offer the consumer a quality recorder at an affordable price.

"The new series of Microcassette recorders has been redesigned with a modern look and feel. The recorders are more ergonomically designed and add key features, while keeping the same low price as the current line of recorders. Today's consumer profile is increasingly diverse and extremely savvy—demanding superior performance at economy prices. Olympus recognizes the importance of accommodating a wider cross-section of consumers, while still meeting the value-added demands of each individual," said Ian Igari, product manager - Communications Products, Digital & Imaging Systems Group, Olympus America Inc.

The S701 and S713 are the first two in the new series of pocket-sized recorders, which perform basic dictation and mobile recording functions for users who need to maximize their time and efficiency. Because people speak 10 times faster than they can write, a tape recorder provides an easy accurate way of reviewing a meeting or interview. Students and business people can use recorders for taking notes, practicing an important talk or in drafting written correspondence. Job seekers use recorders to practice interviews and can use them to record key information from Want Ads.

A built-in, highly sensitive microphone assists in the recording process and is activated by depressing both the play and record buttons simultaneously.

The S713 features a Variable Controlled Voice Actuator (VCVA), which records subject matter at a pre-determined level, effectively "filtering" out unwanted background noise resulting in more clear, concise and accurate material and increased battery life. Another feature of the S713 is the Microphone Sensitivity control, which allows continuous adjustment using the volume control knob. New features on the S713 include a tape counter for easy location of previously recorded passages; a microphone jack for external recording and a power jack for optional AC power.

A pause button temporarily stops the machine to conserve tape if there is a break in the recording subject matter. When appropriate, the pause button is again depressed and recording continues. Another tape saving feature is dual-speed play at 1.2 or 2.4cm/sec. A 60-minute Microcassette recorded at 1.2cm/sec allows up to 2 hours of recording on a single tape.

The Auto-Off function on both models extends battery life by automatically switching power off at the end of the tape. This audible "click" also signals the user that the end of the tape has been reached so it can be turned over for recording on the second side or another cassette can be inserted.

The S701 and S713 also feature cue and review for random high-speed searching for recorded information. The superior fast playback featured on the S713 increases tape speed by 25%, without a discernible change in the understanding of the recorded information. Both Microcassette models have an earphone jack for private review of recorded material.

The S701 and S713 feature a distinct, lightweight (6.2 oz. with two AA batteries) and ergonomic profile which is only 4.9"(H) x 2.6"(W) x 1"(D).

The S701 suggested retail price is $36.95, the S713 is $49.95.

For more information on the S701 or S713, or for a photo print, slide or transparency, please contact Marlene Hess at 516-844-5195 (phone), 516-844-5262 (fax), mhess@olympus.com (email) or visit Olympus online at http://www.olympus.com.

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