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New Remote Inspection System for Large Vessels Eliminates Hazards of Human Entry

MELVILLE, NY—A new portable remote inspection system for large vessels has been introduced by Olympus America Inc., Industrial Products Group. Designated L-VIS, the inspection system eliminates the need for workers to enter confined spaces to inspect them.

According to Olympus, physically entering large chambers and vessels can be hazardous, time consuming, costly, and injurious to worker morale. The L-VIS system provides clear bright images of walls, seams, crevices, piping, and orifices inside columns, stacks, towers separators, vats, reactors, mixing tanks, railroad tank cars, ship's tanks, and other large enclosures.

The L-VIS inspection system is lightweight, portable and sets up quickly. It makes possible one-person inspections that are faster and easier. The system consists of a high-resolution CCD camera with brilliant, independently adjustable dual-lamp illumination; full-color LCD monitor and a sturdy, telescoping pole with locking knobs. The system is powered by a four-hour battery pack.

The motorized camera and illumination head is mounted on the end of the telescoping pole. Using the fingertip control, the head can be panned 360 degrees at varying speeds and tilted up or down 150 degrees each way to provide complete coverage of the interior of the vessel. The zoom lens, auto or manual focus, ad the adjustable iris can also be remotely operated by the inspector. The compact LCD monitor can be hand held or mounted on the telescoping pole or elsewhere with the unit's clamp-equipped "Magic Arm".

For more information on L-VIS Systems and other remote visual inspection (RVI) instruments please call or write Olympus America Inc., Industrial Products Group, Two Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747. Telephone: 800-446-5260, FAX; 516-844-5620, http://www.olympus.com