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Olympus Announces New Stylish Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus America Inc., Digital & Imaging Systems Group, the leading consumer electronics manufacturer, today announced the release of the V90 Digital Voice Recorder. The V90 is a tiny 1.6-ounce digital voice recorder ergonomically designed to fit snugly inside the palm of the hand. It stores 90 minutes of voice recordings—longer than any other digital voice recorder on the market in this price range—all for $99.

With a 90-minute talk time, the V90 is ideal for recording meetings, school lectures and television or radio shows, as well as short memos, ideas, phone numbers, shopping lists, and other notes. Since the V90 is so small (4 " x 1 " x ") and lightweight, it can be taken everywhere.

Recordings can be stored in two separate folders, with each folder capable of storing 99 messages. The first folder can be used as the main "scratch" folder. The second folder can be used for moving and saving important messages. A third folder is used as a scheduling tool, where reminders can be recorded. These recordings can be programmed to play at a certain time, creating a customized verbal alarm. This feature can be used as a reminder of important meetings, dates, or as a wake-up call. The user presses the button when hearing the alarm beep and hears the pre-recorded reminder.

The V90 has two recording modes, SP mode (with 33 minutes available recording time) when a very high-quality digital recording is needed; and LP mode (with 90 minutes available recording time) when a long recording time is needed. An LCD display is provided to check remaining recording time, the date & time, voice activation mode, play mode (SP/LP), and battery status. The V90 has a Microphone Sensitivity Selector, voice activation for hands-free recording and powerful editing capabilities such as insert, delete and partial erase.

"We are thrilled about the introduction of the V90," said Keith Swiderski, Product Manager, Olympus America, Digital & Imaging Systems Group. "No digital recorder on the market today can match the recording time of the V90 in this price range. The unique shape of the product and the extraordinary light and ergonomic design practically jumps off of the shelf. The scheduling features of the V90 add to the uniqueness of this recorder."

The V90 will be available May 1st, 1999 for an expected street price of $99.