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Olympus America Wins Business of the Year Award

Itís nice to be recognized as a leader in your own community—especially when youíve earned it.

This year, itís Olympus Americaís turn. The Long Island-based company, which first made its United States home on the island in 1968, has been named Business of the Year in the Technology category by the Huntington Township (N.Y.) Chamber of Commerce—an important milestone in an area with a dense population of high-tech businesses and major corporations.

Why Olympus? The company, which moved into its new corporate headquarters in Melville, N.Y. in 1995, has a long history of merging closely with its communities—making them not just facilities or locations, but homes. Many of Olympus Americaís U.S. employees are based in Melville (a good number of whom also make their homes in the Town of Huntington). Consequently, Olympus has become a positive and influential presence in the area—a company that not only provides innovative products to its customers, but that actively cares about the community in which it is based.

Such an attitude has been and continues to be an integral part of life at Olympus. Present activities by the company include:

  • Patronage of cultural arts and higher education on Long Island
  • Membership in the Long Island Association, an regional economic development organization
  • Employee support of food and clothing drives in conjunction with local organizations
  • Employee participation in environmental activities and charitable events
  • Inaugural and continued sponsorship of a local day care center, benefitting Olympus employees and other local residents alike
Improving the quality of life is an important aspect of Olympus America—it's the basis for every product the company makes. And itís a mission statement its employees take pride in, making the Business of the Year award that much more special.

This is their home, after all.