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Olympus MacroView MVX10 Zoom Microscope System Offers High-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging: Best of Both Compound and Stereo

Melville, NY, November 11, 2005 - The Olympus MacroView MVX10 macro zoom microscope combines maximum detection sensitivity at the lowest magnifications with a high-magnification zoom for imaging fluorescence specimens at the cellular level. The first instrument of its kind available to researchers, it combines the best features of compound and stereo microscopes, allowing zoom macro- to micro-level fluorescence imaging of the same specimen.

The MVX10 offers large working distances and fields of view, similar to stereomicroscopes, making it well suited for visualizing whole organisms and large tissue slices. It also provides high-NA objectives, for enhanced resolution and light gathering ability; it is optimized to handle low-light fluorescence for imaging cellular features.

The MVX can be used with any of three parfocal, high-NA objectives. The 0.63x/ 0.15NA objective provides a field of view ranging up to 55 mm. The 1x / 0.25NA sets a record among life science zoom microscopes for both working distance (65mm) and light gathering ability for objectives of its magnification. The 2x / 0.5NA objective has a correction collar for adjusting to aqueous media with a depth of up to 5mm above the specimen.

All three objectives are plan apochromatic, producing the highest image quality with superior chromatic aberration correction. They offer exceptional transmission and high signal-to-noise ratios, so that living samples have shorter exposure to phototoxic light. When compared to many high-end stereo microscopes, the objectives can deliver up to 10 times the light intensity that is emitted from a fluorescing specimen to the image capture device. The optics also offer excellent performance through the near-IR range, making the MVX10 versatile enough to address a wide variety of live cell applications.

Unlike standard stereo microscopes with two optical paths, the MVX10 is a mono-zoom microscope, which uses a single, large-diameter optical path to collect the weak light generated by fluorescence at all magnifications. This optical path, with specially designed lenses, provides exceptionally high NAs, enabling increased brightness and resolution, while retaining the working distance and wide field of view of stereo microscopes. It also ensures easy observation of dynamic processes over time.

A 2x magnification changer makes the total magnification range vary from 4x to 250x, with excellent image quality throughout. The MVX10 is designed to facilitate experiments at both low and high magnifications. Entire Zebrafish and other whole organisms are clearly visible thanks to exceptionally large fields of view, and tracking the movements of large specimens is easy. At the micro level, high-magnification viewing of cellular events such as gene expression is easily accomplished.

There is also an easy-to-use patent-pending pupil separation mechanism that mimics the stereo offset of human vision, at a somewhat lower degree of separation. Just by moving a slider, the prism is engaged, allowing a stereo, three-dimensional view of the sample. When doing photography or video imaging, the MVX delivers 100 percent of the light to the image capture device.

The MVX10 is designed for user comfort, with a variety of ergonomic features. Tilting eyepieces make the instrument comfortable for users of varying heights, and the controls are intuitive and easy to operate.

For more information on the Olympus MacroView MVX10 fluorescence macro imaging microscope, please contact Christopher Higgins at Olympus America Inc., Two Corporate Center Drive, P.O. Box 9058, Melville, NY 11747-9058; www.olympusamerica.com/microscopes; Email: microscopy@olympus.com; Phone 1- 800-446-5967.

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