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Olympus Introduces Two Intravital Research Fluorescence Molecular Imaging Systems

CENTER VALLEY , PA, April 4, 2006 - Olympus, a leader in the development of microscope systems for live-cell and live-animal imaging, has introduced two new intravital research systems appropriate for brain and spinal cord imaging in small animals.

The OV100 Intravital Observation System is a complete, closed-chamber system for high-sensitivity, high-speed imaging from micro to macro levels of observation. The optics for the OV100 fluorescence imaging system have been specially developed to offer ultra-high light gathering capacity and feature a combination of high numerical apertures with long working distances.

The OV100 features a wide 16X to 0.14X magnification range (equaling a 114:1 zoom ratio) for seamless imaging of the entire body down to the single cell level without disturbing the animal. High-resolution fluorescence imaging can be correlated with other techniques such as MRI, PET and CT scans. The OV100 is also suitable for long-duration time-lapse observations and supports a wide range of image processing functions and other post-imaging analysis techniques. The system has four parcentric, parfocal objectives mounted on an automated turret, and includes a zoom body with a magnification range of 1.6X to 16X.

The IV100 Intravital Laser Scanning Microscope has been optimized for collecting light from deep within tissue. Exceptionally high spatial, temporal and multi-wavelength resolution combined with novel far-red and near-IR imaging probes make it possible to image subcellular detail of internal organs and disease processes.

Relying on Olympus’ high-precision engineering technology and experience in developing optics, the instrument allows minimally invasive intravital research imaging. The system features ultra-slim MicroProbe lenses for high-resolution laser-scanned imaging of tissue and cells inside the body cavity of small laboratory mammals. Users can select from three MicroProbe lenses, including two of the world’s slimmest objectives (each 1.3mm in diameter), along with the company’s full line of regular microscope objectives. With a MicroProbe lens and the IV100’s flexible observation angles, neural tissue can be observed in vivo over long time periods through minimally invasive surgery, such as procedures using cranial or laminectomy windows. A wide range of fluorochromes including those compatible with near-IR 748nm lasers is available for deeper, less damaging observations.

Olympus provides a full range of comprehensive approaches to macro-to-micro level imaging of living whole animals, organs, tissues and cells. In addition to the IV100 and OV100 systems, the company offers the MVX10, a fluorescence microscope that combines maximum detection sensitivity for macro-level imaging with a high-magnification zoom for viewing and recording fluorescence specimens at the cellular level. For more information, contact Olympus America Inc. at 1-800-455-8236 or www.olympusamerica.com/microscopes or email olympusseg@econnextions.com.

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NOTICE: The OV100 and IV100 Imaging Systems have many potential applications. Certain of these applications and materials used with them may require licensing under patents held by third parties. For example, AntiCancer, Inc. (www.anticancer.com) and Xenogen Corporation (www.xenogen.com) each own several patents in the field of imaging cells genetically engineered to produce light emitting compounds. Olympus has obtained a license from AntiCancer, such that non-profit entities purchasing the OV100 or IV100 are licensed under AntiCancer U.S. Patent Nos. 6,232,523, 6,649,159, 6,235,968, 6,251,384 and 6,759,038 for noncommercial uses. Olympus’ sale or other transfer of the OV100 or IV100 imaging systems does not convey any additional rights or licenses under third party patents. It is suggested that users of the OV100 and IV100 imaging systems consult with counsel to determine whether licensing of additional third party patents is required.