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Olympus Showcases New GI Solutions at Digestive Disease Week

Los Angeles, CA, May 22, 2006 - Olympus, a precision technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions in healthcare and consumer electronics worldwide, today showcased a broad range of innovative products and services that enhance observation, efficiency and functionality in gastroenterology. These products and services were presented at Digestive Disease Week, Los Angeles Convention Center, May 20-25. Key offerings include new EndoTherapy accessories for Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP) and hemostasis procedures; a novel dual channel video management system; the world's first endoscope platform featuring high-definition and Narrow Band ImagingTM technologies; the world's first 360-degree electronic radial scanning gastrovideoscope for endoscopic ultrasound (EUS); a web-based clinical information management system; GI facility consulting services; customized financial solutions; and Olympus service and repair.

“For five decades, Olympus has maintained a leadership position in producing premium GI endoscopy products,” stated Rick Harbuck, vice president of Olympus America's Medical Systems Group. “This heritage enables us to offer our customers total GI solutions across the continuum of care by combining cutting edge products with innovative services.”

Broadening Product Offerings for ERCP and Hemostasis: Olympus EndoTherapyTM
Olympus EndoTherapy unveiled three new devices.

The MaxPassTM single-use biliary dilation system, a significant addition to Olympus' revolutionary V-SystemTM, delivers improved procedural efficiency through effective dilation and rapid balloon deflation. "Biliary balloon dilation procedures have typically experienced delays due to slow or insufficient balloon deflation," commented Stuart Sherman, M.D., director of ERCP and clinical director for the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Indiana University Medical Center. “The new MaxPass dilation balloon from Olympus combines easy device insertion with rapid deflation to improve procedural efficiency. Specifically, the MaxPass balloon and inflation device provided our team with a greatly reduced deflation time, which in turn allowed for quick exchange to the next device and a more efficient ERCP.”

Olympus has refined mechanical lithotripsy with the introduction of the LithoCrushVTM. The handle and basket of this new EndoTherapy device have been designed to quickly connect, cannulate and crush biliary stones. The bullet-tipped basket features a double sheath design, which eases insertion into the common bile duct. The new handle design enables rotation of the LithoCrushV basket and includes a ratchet mechanism to maintain traction on the stone.

The single-use SolarProbeTM provides bipolar hemostasis for even coagulation and minimized tissue adhesion. Made from silver to provide greater conductivity than other metals, the probe is bullet-tipped to maintain even surface contact and balanced coagulation. Its hydrophilic coating and electrode pairing help minimize tissue adhesion during procedures, while its stiff shaft optimizes tamponade and reduces kinking. The SolarProbe, which works with most bipolar generators, enhances Olympus' market-leading hemostasis product offering.

Improving Flexibility of Medical Video Management: n-StreamTM System
Olympus' new n-Stream Dual Channel Video Management System is ideally suited to the demands of surgical and clinical workflow. Among other features, n-Stream offers simultaneous recording and picture-in-picture viewing of two video sources, as well as annotation, jumpback, variable speed playback and an intelligent continuous logging option. The system allows for connection of up to six video sources, such as fluoroscopic, endoscopic and ultrasonographic or room camera video and easy switching between video sources. Complying with Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standards, n-Stream also allows for easy retrieval of patient information and image export, when connected to the institution’s Picture Archival Communications (PACS) imaging network system. n-Stream is available in both single channel and dual channel configurations.

Enhancing Observation and Efficiency: EVIS EXERA IITM 180 platform of Gastroscopes and Colonoscopes
The EVIS EXERA II 180 series is the world's first endoscope platform to deliver both high-definition (HDTV) and Narrow Band ImagingTM (NBI) technologies, providing enhanced observation capabilities, as well as improved efficiency and patient turnaround time.

At 1080 lines, the HDTV signal from the CV-180 video processor more than doubles the number of scan lines produced by conventional systems when used in conjunction with the high-definition GIF-H180 gastroscope or CF-H180AL colonoscope. The resulting images offer gastroenterologists remarkably clear views of anatomical structures and fine capillaries. In addition, the new wide-angle lens of the CF-Q180AL and CF-H180AL colonoscopes offer a panoramic 170-degree field of view, which enhances observation capabilities, shortens procedure times and possibly reduces hand and wrist fatigue related to scope manipulation.

NBI is a real-time, on-demand technology that Olympus has developed to enhance visualization of the capillary network and mucosal morphology during endoscopic observation of the gastrointestinal tract. NBI works by altering the white light source to only include specific bands known to take advantage of the scattering and absorption properties of human tissue. This provides improved visual contrast of the surface structure and fine capillary patterns of the mucous membranes, which are normally difficult to distinguish.

The platform includes the CV-180 video processor and CLV-180 light source, the GIF-H180 gastroscope and the CF-H180AL wide-angle (170-degree field of view) colonoscope. This high-definition system joins the standard definition GIF-Q180 gastroscope, PCF-Q180AL colonoscope, CF-Q180AL wide-angle colonoscope and GIF-N180 gastroscope, all of which were launched in May of 2005. All six endoscopes of the 180 series are compatible with the CV-180 video processor and CLV-180 light source.

Providing Better Value in EUS: GF-UE160-AL5 Gastrovideoscope
The Olympus GF-UE160-AL5 is the world's first gastrovideoscope featuring 360-degree electronic radial scanning. Combining exceptional functionality with advanced ultrasound image quality, the scope allows for a more comprehensive examination of the upper GI tract. The scope's wide angulation range results in outstanding maneuverability supporting visualization of the surface of the gastrointestinal tract, the layers within the wall and surrounding organs. This may help physicians determine the extent to which a lesion has penetrated. The GF-UE160-AL5 is compatible with the SSD-Alpha5 ultrasound processor, manufactured by Aloka Co., Ltd. and distributed by Olympus.

Enhancing Efficiency of Patient Care: EndoWorks® Clinical Information Management System
EndoWorks is a web-based information management solution that spans all stages of patient care to increase facility productivity while reducing costs for healthcare facilities. The latest release of this product, EndoWorks 7.3, provides a more comprehensive array of services. Benefits of this integrated, browser-based system include seamless interoperability with other healthcare facility IT systems, efficient clinical workflow and electronic data management.

Increasing GI Facility Performance: EndoSite® Consulting Services
EndoSite Consulting Services is a comprehensive collection of professional services for hospital GI labs, endoscopic ambulatory surgery centers (EASCs) and office endoscopy practices. These services are provided by highly skilled EndoSite advisors who combine extensive GI hospital and ASC management experience with Olympus' leading global expertise in GI medical products and services. Focal service areas include EndoPlanner®, a five-year strategic planning tool for new GI facility development; EndoEfficienciesTM, a patient flow simulation and predictive outcomes analysis service; as well as GI Benchmarking, EASC Valuation Services and Web-Based Practice Enhancements.

Developing Cost-Effective, Balance Sheet-Sensitive GI Financial Solutions: Olympus Financial Services®:
Olympus Financial Services, the financing arm of Olympus America Inc., has enabled customers to maximize market share, patient care, revenues and profits for nearly two decades by providing various asset management and customized financing solutions. Product offerings range from traditional to more customized financial solutions, such as Cost Per Procedure® (CPP) and Turnkey Project Financing programs. The CPP program is the preeminent utilization-based financing solution in the healthcare market for flexible and surgical endoscopy applications.

Increasing Customer Convenience: Olympus Service and Repair
As a part of its vendor service portal, Olympus America unveiled a newly released repair and service tool which allows customers to electronically submit service orders and track instruments in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Free of charge to all Olympus customers, the service portal also assists them with access to repair history and offers a sales equipment log.

In addition to displaying a broad array of products and services, Olympus' newly designed booth includes an interactive, educational GI Procedure Suite and lecture forum.

Led by industry experts and thought leaders, the GI Procedure Suite will feature several hands-on demonstrations illustrating best practice techniques in the areas of ERCP, EMR and Hemostasis. Attendees can also join lectures by leading GI physicians on topics such as high-definition optics and Narrow Band ImagingTM in colonoscopy; retroversion and polypectomy during colonoscopy; keys to successful EUS-guided fine needle aspiration; and more. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see the attached speaker schedule for details. For questions, additional information, or to join a session, please visit the Olympus booth #1244.

About Olympus Medical Systems Group
Olympus Medical Systems Group provides endoscopy knowledge and solutions that enable GI hospital suites, ambulatory surgical centers and private practices to achieve superior clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum of care. Olympus offers diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopes and EndoTherapy accessories; service and repair solutions; web-based endoscopy information products; GI lab integration services; cleaning and disinfection products and services; cost-effective financial solutions; and consulting services.

Olympus is a precision technology leader, designing and delivering innovative solutions in healthcare and consumer electronics worldwide.

Olympus works collaboratively with its customers and its parent company, Tokyo-based Olympus Corporation, to leverage R&D investment in precision technology and manufacturing processes across diverse business lines. These include:

  • Gastrointestinal endoscopes, accessories, and minimally invasive surgical products;
  • Advanced clinical and research microscopes;
  • Lab automation systems, chemistry-immuno and blood bank analyzers and reagents;
  • Digital and film cameras and digital voice recorders.
In the U.S. and Canada, Olympus America serves healthcare and commercial laboratory markets with integrated product solutions and financial, educational and consulting services that help customers efficiently, reliably, safely, and easily achieve superior results. Olympus is the leader in gastrointestinal endoscopy and clinical and educational microscopes. The company's consumer electronics business spans North and South America. For more information, visit www.olympusamerica.com.

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Note to editors: Images and fact sheets about Olympus products and services presented at DDW are available at www.olympuspresspass.com.