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Olympus Introduces New Encore™ High-speed, Digital Video Camera for Motion Analysis

MELVILLE, NY—According to Olympus, the Encore system is ideal for expediting production line changeovers, troubleshooting, preventative and predictive maintenance, and quality control. It helps engineers and technicians to quickly locate equipment malfunctions, analyze problems, and make adjustments. Encore high-speed video allows them to monitor performance, maximize productivity, fine-tune line equipment, and lower operating costs.

Encore high-speed video cameras are available with recording rates up to 8,000 frames per second. Lightweight, easy-to-carry Encore systems are available in either full-color or black-and-white display. They feature high frame storage capacities, extended recording times, and fast electronic shutters for blur-free video images. And, they can be used with Olympus borescopes and fiberscopes to relay images from deep inside dark, inaccessible areas.

For more information on L-VIS Systems and other remote visual inspection (RVI) instruments please call or write Olympus America Inc., Industrial Products Group, Two Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747. Telephone: 800-446-5260, FAX; 516-844-5620, http://www.olympus.com