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Olympus Announces Strategic Alliance With Conceptus, Inc.

Orangeburg, NY, October 27, 2006 – Olympus, a global leader in designing and delivering advanced and innovative healthcare solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Conceptus® to accelerate efforts to market the Olympus 5.5 mm hysteroscopy system for the Essure® permanent birth control system, the first and only hysteroscope-based sterilization method to be FDA approved in the United States.

“Olympus hysteroscopy systems continue to assist Gynecologists in providing patient care as well as facilitating the ability to place the Essure micro-inserts. With this opportunity we look to maximize product support and training to physicians and their staff on the Olympus 5.5 mm hysteroscopy system. As the trend toward office hysteroscopy continues to increase, Olympus and Conceptus will have a positive impact on the growth and direction of office-based gynecology," stated Richard Reynolds, Vice President, Olympus Surgical America.

About the Essure Procedure
The Essure procedure deploys a soft micro-insert into the fallopian tube through the cervix using a minimally invasive transcervical tubal access catheter. Once in place, the device is designed to elicit tissue growth in and around the micro-insert to form an occlusion or blockage in the fallopian tube. An Essure procedure does not require cutting or penetrating the abdomen and can be performed in a less costly procedure setting without general anesthesia. A woman is able to return home about 45 minutes after the procedure is completed. There is a three-month waiting period after the procedure during which women must use another form of birth control. Based on 643 women in two trials, the Essure procedure is 99.80% effective after four years of follow-up. For the small number of women in the two trials who have reached five years of follow-up, The Essure procedure has been demonstrated to be 99.74% effective. Five-year follow-up of all
patients in clinical trials is ongoing.

About Olympus Surgical America
Olympus Surgical America is an operating division of Olympus Surgical & Industrial America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Corporation, Japan. Olympus Surgical America is an important part of the global Olympus network, with specific responsibility for the sales and marketing of surgical endoscopy equipment for distribution in the United States and Canada. With a focus on innovation and quality, Olympus provides knowledge and solutions that enable healthcare professionals to achieve excellent clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum of care.

About Conceptus, Inc.
Conceptus, Inc. manufactures and markets the Essure Permanent Birth Control system, an innovative medical device and procedure designed to provide a non-incisional alternative to tubal ligation, which is currently the leading form of birth control worldwide. The availability of the Essure procedure in the U.S. is expected to open up a market currently occupied by incisional tubal ligation and vasectomy, which combined account for over 1 million procedures annually.