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Olympus Automates Pre- and Post-Analysis in the Lab with its New OLA1500

Olympus has launched its OLA1500 Decapper/Sorter/Archiver to automate the time-consuming tasks of the laboratory's pre-and post-analysis functions. As networked facilities drive the clinical laboratory business, cost efficiency demands increase the need for automation. As a sorter, decapper, re-sorter and archiver, the Olympus OLA1500 speeds the tasks the are normally handled manually by laboratory personnel, and integration of the system significantly reduces errors.

Processing up to 1500 primary test tubes per hour, this stand-alone system is extremely fast and accurate. By barcoding the tubes with test and patient information, the OLA1500 provides positive sample identification, automatically decaps the individual sample, and sorts it on to the appropriate rack it is building. Racks then can be taken manually to the appropriate analyzer or sent via a conveyance track when the OLA1500 is integrated into an automated work cell or system.

The OLA1500's tube input area holds up to 900 tubes simultaneously and can be continously fed. A staging center for the racks, the output area accommodates different personality racks, including five and ten position ones. The OLA1500 offers laboratories flexibility for automation in a staged approach now and is the perfect solution for increased efficiency and staff productivity. It decreases steps in sample handling, reduces errors and lowers costs.

Through its software interface to the host laboratory information system (LIS), the OLA 1500 continually monitors sample location. This is particularly helpful when samples are archived and re-testing becomes necessary. An added feature of the system includes level sensing, which is performed on each tube to calculate fluid needs. This information, together with position tracking, is uploaded to the host system.

For information on the Olympus OLA1500, laboratory automation solutions and other products, call: 1-800-223-0125.