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Olympus and Labotix to Co-Market Systems for Lab Automation

Melville, New York—The Diagnostic Systems Division of Olympus America Inc. recently entered into an agreement with Labotix Automation Inc. of Canada to co-market their products. The powerful combination of Olympus and Labotix will provide customers with comprehensive automation solutions in an open systems approach for clinical laboratories.

"The Labotix-Olympus joint promotion increases visibility for both companies," said Sandra McDonald, marketing director for the Diagnostic Systems Division of Olympus. "At the same time, it is a win-win solution for laboratories seeking proven, yet cost-effective automation solutions right now."

Laboratories can benefit from the expertise and experience of two leaders. The Olympus AU Chemistry Immuno Systems are not only standardized throughout the line, but are the most highly automated stand-alone analyzers available in the market today. They also offer the broadest menu of over 118 tests. Easily connected to the Labotix systems, which have proven integration and transport systems in operation for years, Olympus analyzers can provide laboratories with the immediate benefits and savings from a custom work cell design today.

Olympus-Labotix systems can be expanded to accommodate any automation requirement in the future. Another significant feature of the program is that Olympus can package the costs of capital expenditures for automation into the Cost Per Reportable, and offers other purchase or lease plans as well as part of its Cost Management Program.

Olympus chemistry immuno systems are flexible for different sized facilities and suited for core lab, rapid response lab and satellite installations. Standardization and compatibility throughout the Olympus line of its AU400/AU600/AU640/AU2700* analyzers mean that networked laboratories get the same results using the same methods on equipment designed for varying testing volumes and save in the process through common reagents, consumables, calibrators, and parts sharing.

For information on laboratory automation solutions and chemistry work cells or, call Olympus at: 1-800-223-0125.