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Olympus To Partner with Joint Purchasing Corporation To Provide Additional Financial Management Services

The Diagnostic Systems Division of Olympus America Inc. will work with Joint Purchasing Corporation to better serve health care institutions through customized cost management programs and financial strategies. This collaboration will support the unique Cost Management Program that Olympus has developed for laboratories in hospitals and networked health care delivery facilities to reduce expenses and optimize efficiencies.

Health care facilities look to optimize laboratory operations through equipment walkaway, automation capability and consumable usage. JPC, established in 1922, has developed a reputation for the analysis and management of costs for laboratories from the initial start-up design to workflow analysis and re-engineering. These have become increasingly important as mergers and demands for lowered costs have dramatically changed the laboratory industry. Personnel cutbacks, increased need for core facilities, and re-evaluation of analyzers are some of the results of the developing turbulence.

By combining expertise with JPC, Olympus will provide its customers with more cost-effective choices. Currently, the Olympus AU Series is the only analyzer family that features a standardized line for testing. This means facilities can select the appropriately-sized analyzers for installations and benefit from lower costs through common reagents, consumables, parts sharing and training. With the best walkaway in the market, Olympus high-speed, stand-alone analyzers are not only highly automated to provide the fastest turnaround, but also are flexible for connections to each other, to a workcell, or lab automation applications.

The Diagnostic Systems Division draws on Olympus America's Financial Services expertise to offer customers a unique Cost Management Program. The company offers the lowest Cost Per Reportable in the market today and packages acquisition plans for purchase or lease, which can package capital acquisitions into the monthly CPR. In addition, Olympus can provide complete financial services, information technology, and laboratory expertise as part of its commitment to help customers optimize their laboratory operations.

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