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Olympus Announces the Innovative 2.5 Megapixel C-2500L SLR Filmless Digital Camera

August 24, 1999, Melville, NY—Olympus America Inc., the World Leaders in Film and Filmless Photography announced the C-2500 SLR Filmless Digital Camera, the world’s first 2.5 megapixel filmless digital camera in the consumer market space (sub. $1500 retail price). Featuring revolutionary TruePic™ technology for professional photographic quality, the C-2500L is Olympus’ most significant filmless digital camera for professional digital photographers and power users.

The significant new features of the C-2500L include the exclusive 2.5 megapixel CCD, in an all-in-one SLR camera design with a 3X- 9.2 to 28mm aspheric glass zoom lens (36-110mm in 35mm photography) built-in flash, hot-shoe, full exposure control and other professional features. As part of the C2500L system, the FL-40, a new Olympus dedicated flash specifically designed for digital photography, has also been announced.

According to Ben LaMarca, Group Vice President Marketing, Digital Products, “Olympus’ commitment to the highest photographic quality has been clearly stated through our 80-year history of distinctive products and has positioned us as the world leader in film and filmless photography. The C-2500L is Olympus’ most significant contribution to digital photography since the launch of the D-300L. It confirms our commitment to innovation and redefines the standards for filmless digital photography”

Revolutionary TruePic Technology

The C-2500L is the first filmless digital camera to offer true photographic quality that the advanced user requires. The exclusive Olympus TruePic technology is revolutionary, using an Olympus Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), allowing the C-2500L to manage the image in the camera for truer color, contrast, and gradation producing a more realistic color photograph. The TruePic algorithms utilize all the pixel information to produce detailed photographs with a smoother photographic appearance. The benefit to the photographer is an image that prints with true photographic quality with enough pixels for a photo quality 8 X 10 inch print.

The exclusive 2.5 megapixel 2/3 inch progressive CCD also sets the C-2500L apart from the competition. The larger 2/3-inch CCD is less noisy, producing a better image than a smaller CCD. The aspect ratio (4 X 5) of the 1712 X 1368 pixel image is matched to printing a 4 x 5, 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 inch photograph without cropping or throwing away unused pixels like many digital cameras with a more rectangular 2 X 3 aspect ratio.

C-2500L incorporates advanced features

Olympus has produced a 3X optical zoom lens matched to the highest demands of digital photography. The extra care in the design of the 7-element aspheric glass lens assures the user of sharp, clear images. The lens design also incorporates a 43mm-threaded lens barrel for optional accessory lenses like the B-28 wide-angle converter and 1.45X telephoto converter to be added. These accessory lenses extend the lens range from a 35mm-film camera equivalent 36 –110 mm zoom f2.8/3.9 to include a 29mm wide-angle and a 160mm telephoto.

To further improve lens performance, an advanced auto focus system is used with this lens. Olympus has included a low-light Autofocus (AF) illuminator like those found on advanced 35mm SLR cameras. The improved AF system is now faster and works in low-light levels without any hesitation. The C-2500L’s AF system works from 0.8 inches in the super-macro mode to infinity in the normal autofocus mode. The camera also has manual focus from 12 inches to infinity and a user selectable quick focus mode. The ranges for focus are from 0.8 inches to 24 inches in the AF Super-Macro mode, 12 inches to 24 inches in the AF Macro mode and 24 inches to infinity in the normal Autofocus mode. In the manual focusing mode, the camera focuses from 12 inches to infinity.

The professional’s need for precision is further supported with the 95%-centered SLR viewfinder incorporated into the C-2500L. Showing a clear, bright view of the subject, the C-2500L viewfinder also indicates both the focus area and spot metering area for precise exposure and focus control. In fact the SLR viewfinder of the C-2500L is more accurate than most 35mm film SLR cameras, and the LCD displays and viewfinders of most digital cameras. Additionally, the C-2500L also includes a built-in dioptric corrector to focus the viewfinder to the user’s eye.

The advanced user has full-control of exposure with the three exposure modes of the C-2500L – Programmed Automatic, Aperture Priority Automatic and Manual Exposure. In the automatic exposure modes, the C-2500L features exposure controls of +/- 2 steps in 1/3-step increments. The exposure and white balancing is TTL (through the lens) for increased accuracy. The C-2500L features three options for white balancing - full TTL automatic, 6 preset white balance settings from 3000K to 6500K, and a “one-touch” manual setting. With this complete control of the camera, photographers can achieve their photographic fantasies.

The built-in flash of the C-2500L features fully automatic TTL flash, “red-eye” reducing flash, fill-in flash, slow syncro flash with first or second curtain sync, and flash–off. In the TTL mode, the C-2500L allows flash exposure controls of +/- 2 steps in 1/3-step increments. The hot shoe enables the use of accessory flashes, including the Olympus new FL-40, a flash unit designed exclusively for filmless digital cameras. With the optional FL-40 flash the C-2500L has a flash range over 30 feet and additional low-light AF illuminator. With the dedicated FL-40 flash, the user has full TTL exposure or traditional automatic and manual flash exposure.

Power-up and shoot

Designed for speed, the C-2500L uses an exclusive Olympus ASIC which integrates dual processors and a 16 MB D-RAM buffer for faster performance. Unlike many other digital cameras, the C-2500L can take photos as fast as you can compose, focus and shoot, at any resolution (including the SHQ-TIFF mode). In the burst mode, the C-2500L will capture 5 images at any resolution in less than 3 seconds. From the time the power-on button is pressed to the actual pressing of the shutter button, the C-2500L is designed to operate with the minimum of waiting.

To store the image, the C-2500L uses the industry standard DCF/Exif file format, allowing the choice of uncompressed (SHQ-TIFF) or low compression (2.3:1 JPEG) files. The 6.7 MB native file sizes can be stored as uncompressed TIFF files or JPEG files, (see chart below for image storage).

  Compression 8 MB 16 MB 32 MB
SHQ-1712X1386 TIFF Uncompressed 1 2 4
SHQ-1712X1368 JPEG 2.3:1 4 8 16
HQ-1712X1368 JPEG 8:1 13 26 52
SQ-1280 X1024 JPEG 8:1 24 48 96
SQ-640 X 480 JPEG 8:1 83 166 322

World’s First SmartMedia™/CompactFlash™ Dual Media Slot

Integrated into the C-2500L is the world’s first dual SM/CF media slot design. Olympus is strongly committed to SmartMedia memory cards as our storage medium. However, we also recognize that the users of the C-2500L might already have an investment in Compact Flash.

The 3.3V SmartMedia removable memory cards aid in the speed of writing the image to memory. Olympus also provides a wide variety of connectivity through optional devices like the “FlashPath” floppy disk adapter and PCMCIA adapter card. SmartMedia cards are available in 8, 16 and 32MB sizes currently with 64MB cards due Fall, 1999. The secondary CompactFlash slot allows the use of existing CompactFlash memory cards.

To review the captured photos, the C-2500L features a new high-resolution 122,000 pixel color LCD. The higher resolution LCD allows easy index viewing of 1, 4 or 9 images on the screen as well as 2X or 4X-magnification inspection mode. In the inspection mode the C-2500L allows scrolling within the image to pinpoint the exact location to be viewed. The LCD also doubles to displays the camera control menus, camera set-up and camera print menus. The print menus utilize the DPOF (Digital Print Order Form) standard for tagging photographs to print. The C-2500L also features NTSC video out for viewing the photos on a television or capturing on a VCR.

The C-2500L ships with a 32MB Olympus SmartMedia memory card, 4 Olympus NiMH batteries and charger, Camedia Master image editing and download software, Enroute QuickStitch panorama software, lens cap, strap and user manual. The C-2500L will ship in October, 1999 with a street price of $1499.00. The optional Accessory Kit includes a fitted leather camera case, 4 additional Olympus NiMH batteries, AC adapter and Extensis Portfolio image cataloging software, and will also be available in October, 1999 for an street price of $99.00. Other optional Olympus accessories include the B-28 wide-angle lens, 1.45X telephoto lens, PCMCIA SmartMedia card adapter, “FlashPath” floppy disk adapter and a variety of filters.

For more information, contact Olympus America, Digital & Imaging Systems Group, Two Corporate Center Dr., Melville, NY 11747-3157, ph: (516) 844-5000 (800) 622-6372, Fax: (516) 844-5262.

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