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Get it 'On the Record' with New Olympus DS-Series Recorders

Capture All the Audio You Need to Podcast a Story, Depose a Witness,Transcribe the Doctor’s Medical Advice and More

CENTER VALLEY, Pa, August 25, 2008 – Olympus, the market leader for voice recorders, today introduces the extremely portable DS-61 and DS-71 digital voice recorders and the DS-2400. Each new recorder is equipped with a unique set of features customized for individual users. For journalists, the DS-61 has expanded memory and a high quality microphone that make it the perfect tool to capture memorable statements on the campaign trail. When capturing exquisite audio is essential for broadcast-ready podcasts or radio spots, the DS-71’s Linear PCM ultimate sound quality does the trick. Additionally, the DS-2400 is a valuable professional tool for any doctor or lawyer’s office where accurate dictation and transcription is a must.

The new DS-Series Recorders also offer the following powerful features:

DS-61 and DS-71

  • Enhanced Sound Quality, including Linear PCM 16 bit /44.1 kHZ recording capability manual recording level adjustment on the DS-71;
  • Expanded internal memory (DS-61: Two gigabytes, DS-71: Four gigabytes);
  • Increased recording time (DS-61: 530 hours, DS-71: 1062 hours); and
  • Improved Voice Guidance functionality.


  • Push button control with new central navigation pod;
  • New DSS QP recording mode for higher quality audio; and
  • Expandable SD/SDHC removable media card slot.

“Our new line of DS-Series recording devices deliver superior sound quality for road warriors and office workers alike,” said Andy Flagg, director, Sales and Marketing, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “The DS-61 and DS-71’s enhanced sound quality and expanded memory will appeal to anyone who spends time out of the office between downloads to a PC. The DS-2400 streamlines workplace dictation and transcription via its companion AS-2400 transcription kit to aid professionals in managing their workflow more productively.”

Enhanced Sound Quality
All three new DS-Series devices feature innovations that improve their sound quality. The DS-61 and DS-71 feature DVM (Zoom) recording to focus on sound from any direction and a better microphone to ensure sound quality. The DS-71 features 16 bit/44.1 kHz Linear PCM recording capability so it can capture the rich tonality of music performances. It also features manual recording level adjustment to obtain the optimum sound levels. The DS-2400 features the Digital Speech Standard Pro, new QP mode for improved sound quality. This mode records at a sampling rate of 16kHz with a compression rate of 28.0kbps and up to 32 index marks per file. In playback, the Smooth Cue/Review function makes it easier to hear words. 

Memory Capacity and Expandability
The DS-61 has two gigabytes of memory to record more than 530 hours. The DS-71 has four gigabytes of memory – the most built-in memory of any Olympus voice recorder - to capture marathon recordings of more than 1062 hours. The DS-2400 features an SD/SDHC removable media card slot to capture more audio without taking the time to download files to a computer, and ships with a one-gigabyte card for a large recording capacity right out of the box. With the ability to take high capacity SD/SDHC cards up to 16 gigabytes, the DS-2400 can record for hours on end.

Designed for Ease of Use
The DS-61 and DS-71 recorders are designed for optimal ergonomics with a high attention to detail. They feature a speaker for audio playback on the back, buttons for recording and playback on the side, and easy-to-use arrow pads and buttons to navigate menus on the front. Olympus even created a power on/off sliding switch so users would not accidentally turn it on. Coated in a sleek metallic exterior for durability, all three models come with a large, easy-to-read high-contrast LCD screen that displays file information, recording time and settings. Their Index and Temp mark feature makes podcasting simple by tagging audio files for future reference. 

The DS-2400 features an intuitive push-button control with a new central navigation pod and includes user-friendly DSS Player Standard software to facilitate the archiving, editing and further processing of recordings. USB 2.0 High-Speed delivers fast downloads and uploads of files to and from the DS-2400.   

Superior Playback and Listening
Users of the DS-61 and DS-71 digital recorders will appreciate the control provided by the variable speed playback settings. After capture, the slow playback option allows recordings to be listened to efficiently with playback that is up to 50 percent slower than real time, and fast playback that is up to 200 percent faster than real time. Slow playback helps to eliminate the need for users to listen to the same recording multiple times to hear what was said, and with fast playback they can skip ahead to the essential sections – a real benefit for transcribing dictation. The DS-71 also features Euphony so it can play back concert recordings with the richness of the original performance.

All three models are compatible with the new Olympus AS-2400 transcription kit to make it easier to playback and transcribe recordings. The AS-2400 PC transcription kit includes the DSS Player Standard Transcription Module, the RS27 Foot Switch and the E102 Stereo Headset.

Improved Voice Guidance Functionality
The DS-61 and DS-71 offer an enhanced voice confirmation function that can be turned on or off. When turned on, the function enables the devices to speak, helping users to navigate the folders and various set-up options. The pleasant automated voice guides users through the onscreen menus for other menu selecting modes, and gives users a report on remaining battery life. It also confirms by stating the folder name as the user moves from one folder to another. This enables visually challenged users to easily move through the device’s menus, folders and set-up options. 

Intro Scan Playback
With this feature, users are able to continuously play back all of the files in a folder one by one from the beginning of the file. They can also select the play back time for each file: 3 seconds, 5 seconds and 10 seconds. This feature is particularly helpful for the visually impaired.

Have you ever struggled to find an exact file? With the DS-61 and DS-71, you won’t have to anymore. These recorders feature an intro scan playback mode, which enables users to scan through a lengthy recording quickly and find a specific file. 

Long Lasting Power
The DS-Series digital voice recorders have up to 32 hours of continuous operation made possible by the long battery life of two AAA batteries. An AC power supply is also available. The DS-Series digital voice recorders also feature a one-year warranty. 

Availability and Accessories
The DS-61 and DS-71 will be available in October 2008. Accessories will include wired remote control, stereo microphone, USB Cable, stereo earphones, a DSS Player Version 7 Software CD-ROM, two AAA-alkaline batteries, strap, a carrying case for safe transportation and a text manual for easy reference.

The DS-2400 will be available in October 2008. It will include a DSS Player Standard CD-ROM, one gigabyte SD Card, USB cable, carrying case, 2 x AAA alkaline batteries instruction manual and Olympus warranty card. 

U.S. Pricing
DS-61 Digital Voice Recorder Estimated Street Price: $299.99 (U.S.)
DS-71 Digital Voice Recorder Estimated Street Price: $349.99 (U.S.)
DS-2400 Digital Voice Recorder Estimated Street Price: $299.99 (U.S.)

Review units and high-resolution images of the DS-Series Digital Voice Recorders are available from Mullen Public Relations. Contact Jeff Hluchyj, (978) 468-8939 orJeff.Hluchyj@Mullen.com. For more information contact Jennifer Lyons, public relations manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc., 484-896-5350, jennifer.lyons@olympus.com, Olympus Imaging America Inc., 3500 Corporate Parkway, Center Valley, Pennsylvania 18034, or the Olympus Web site: http://www.olympusamerica.com.

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