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Olympus America Introduces the MC-2000 Automated Wafer Bump Inspection System

Chip Scale International (Booth 1626)—Olympus America Inc., a renowned world leader in the manufacturing and utilization of precision optics, introduces the MC-2000, a non-contact fully automated inspection system for bumped wafers. The inspection of bumped wafers (prevalent in today’s high-density, wafer-level packaging applications, which includes chip-scale, flip-chip, and direct-chip, attach-packaging technologies), is facilitated by the MC-2000, which expeditiously measures with sub-micron precision.

The MC-2000 system performs several functions. It inspects and measures bumps on 6 or 8 inch diameter wafers, judges the wafers as “Pass” or “Fail,” then sorts them accordingly. High-precision instruments, accurate inspections, and high throughputs are obtained by utilizing Olympus’ proprietary combinations of the 3-D optical-laser sensor, 2-D CCD line sensor, and image-processing units.

The MC-2000’s 3-D laser and 2-D CCD array sensors measure and inspect for bump height, X/Y bump alignment, diameter, coplanarity, bump presence, defects, and bridging. Because the 3-D and 2-D data is obtained simultaneously from a single scan, throughput is expedited, as compared to other inspection systems.

The MC-2000 includes a motorized X/Y stage, a wafer-handler robot for precise loading and unloading of wafers, a pre-alignment unit for wafer centering, and a control unit for high-speed image processing. In addition, the MC-2000 provides effortless automated operation through a user-friendly Windows® NT graphical interface. This controls the functions of data collection, wafer mapping, report generation, and recipe programming.

With its 3-D laser and 2-D CCD array sensor, wafer handling capabilities, Windows NT GUI interface, and automated operation, the MC-2000 meets the most accurate measurement and inspection requirements for bumped wafers.

For more information on the Olympus MC-2000, please call toll-free at 1-800-446-5967, Ext. 5079, or email micro@olympus.com.