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Olympus DM Series Digital Audio Devices With Expanded Memory And Super-High Quality Add More Flexibility To Your Life

Removable Media Cards Expand Sizable On-Board Memory, Rechargeable Batteries Save Money, Free Software Works with Macs and PCs

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., July 22, 2009 – Today Olympus unveils two new DM series digital audio devices that have greater capacity to capture more meetings/interviews, create more podcasts, and play back more music, audio books, podcasts and other content than ever before. The DM-520 and DM-420 have increased internal memory (4 gigabytes and 2 gigabytes, respectively) and expandable microSD capacity (up to an additional 16 gigabytes) to record longer than ever before.

“These new Olympus DM series digital audio devices have increased on-board memory and expandable memory with media cards to make it easier to mix business and pleasure,” said Amy Leslie, product manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “With 51 hours of rechargeable battery life, the DM-520 let you capture your work meeting in CD-quality sound, and then listen to your favorite album on the cross-country flight home.”

Super High-Quality Recording In Your Pocket
Both new DM series devices can record and play super high-quality stereo audio content of 44.1 kilohertz (kHz), which is equal to the sound quality of most compact discs. The DM-520 also features uncompressed 16 bit/48kHz Linear PCM recording capability, to capture the rich sound quality of music performances. Users of both devices can download and play back PCM, MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files. This provides users with extreme flexibility, enabling them to use one device for recording meetings and lectures for work or school, while also enjoying music afterwards for fun.

New Olympus Sonority Software Compatible with PC or Mac
Enjoy your sound with the included easy-to-use Olympus Sonority Software, which facilitates wave data management. You can erase noise, adjust sound effects and divide files, to name a few options. The software allows for uploading, organizing, and emailing of audio files and direct downloading of podcasts. The software also expands your sphere of activities thanks to its compatibility with any PC or Mac.

Memory Capacity and Expandability
The DM-520 has 4 gigabytes of internal memory, while the DM-420 has 2 gigabytes. The audio devices each feature a removable microSD media card slot to further expand capacity by up to 16 gigabytes. During a busy day of recording, changing optional microSD cards is an easy way for users to capture more audio without taking the time to download files to a computer.

Ultra High-Quality Sound for a Variety of Recordings
Thanks to the innovative design of the stereo microphone, quality recordings (voice, music and nature sounds, to name a few) can be easily captured in a variety of situations. Use the “scene modes” based on your current environment. Pick the zoom feature to pinpoint a lecturer’s voice and block out unwanted crowd noise from the background. Separately, open the microphone wide to capture all the subtle sounds in nature. Either way, you’ll enjoy high-quality recordings with well-balanced sound.

Long Lasting Power with Rechargeable Battery Function
Tired of filling landfills with costly disposable batteries? The DM-520 and DM-420 operate for up to 51 hours with two included rechargeable AAA batteries that recharge by plugging into the USB port on any computer for added convenience. In situations where a charge is not available, it is also possible to power these audio devices using easily-obtainable AAA alkaline batteries.

Make the Connection
USB 2.0 high-speed delivers fast downloads and uploads of files to and from the DM-520 and DM-420 using the included USB cable. No need to download any software since you can record in WMA or MP3 formats on the DM-420 and WMA, MP3 and WAV formats on the DM-520. This feature enables users to connect with speed and ease, and once downloaded, files can be archived or emailed to friends and family.

Voice Guidance
The DM-520 and DM-420 feature a voice confirmation function that can be turned on or off. When turned on, the function enables the devices to speak, helping users to navigate the folders and various set-up options. The pleasant automated voice guides users through the onscreen menus for setting date, time and other menu selecting modes. It also confirms by stating the folder name as the user moves from one folder to another. This enables visually challenged users to easily capture recordings and move through the device’s menus, folders and set-up options.

Easily Find What You’re Listening For
The DM-520 and DM-420 digital audio devices deliver an easy-to-use interface that enables users to accurately arrange digital files with unparalleled organization for meetings, dates and reminders. Both have seven folders (five for audio, one for music and one for podcasts) that each hold up to 999 files. The DM-520 and DM-420 also include multi-language support in English, French and Spanish.

The DM-520 and DM-420 will be available in September 2009. They will include a USB Cable, stereo earphones, case and strap, Olympus Sonority Software and two rechargeable AAA batteries. Additional optional accessories include a remote controller, AC adapter, and battery charger.

U.S. Pricing
DM-520 Digital Audio Device Estimated Street Price: $199.99 (U.S.)
DM-420 Digital Audio Device Estimated Street Price: $149.99 (U.S.)

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