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New Series 6 Videoimagescope Features Dual Optics Measuring System, Simultaneous Direct Ad Side Viewing

MELVILLE, NY—A new line of Videoimagescopes, designated the "Series 6," has been introduced by Olympus America Inc., Industrial Products Group, for inspecting hare-to-access places.

According to Olympus, among the advanced features of the Series 6 is the new "dual optics" technology, which allows the operator to measure defects viewed on a video screen with 95 percent accuracy. Another advanced dual optics feature permits "SimulView"™—simultaneous forward (direct) viewing and side viewing.

For measurement, the Series 6 model Videoimagescope utilizes a special "stereo" optical tip adapter which has dual objective left ad right lenses that provide triangulation information. The Olympus Video Analyzer computes three different types of measurement functions: point-to-point, line-to-line, plane-to-a-point off the plane (depth and height). Selected dimensions are displayed on the screen. Surface contours and angle of the scope's optical axis do not affect the measurement.

Series 6 dual optics technology also makes possible "SimulView" inside pipes and other narrow channels. For this purpose, an interchangeable optical tip adapter is attached to the scope. The adapter features two objective lenses—one viewing directly ahead, the other viewing to the side. The resulting two images can be viewed simultaneously, side by side, on the split screen, or direct ahead viewing only on the full screen or side viewing only on the full screen.

The interchangeable optical tip adapters eliminate the need for special or dedicated scopes for these functions.

Other features of the new Series 6 Videoimagescopes include improved image brightness and clarity, a built-in microphone, lightweight and portability, a wide range of optical tip adapters for image versatility, highly waterproof probe, expandability, fingertip control of live zoom, freeze-frame, brightness, and enhance functions. Full-way™ articulation of the tip of the probe makes insertion easier.

Videoimagescopes are remote visual inspection (RVI) instruments designed to inspect, from a remote location, the interiors of machinery, piping and other hard-to-access places. A CCD chip "camera" sends live images to a CCU and video monitor. Illumination for the subject is fiberoptically conveyed from a separate light source to the worksite.

For more information on L-VIS Systems and other remote visual inspection (RVI) instruments please call or write Olympus America Inc., Industrial Products Group, Two Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747. Telephone: 800-446-5260, FAX; 516-844-5620, http://www.olympus.com