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Olympus and Enroute Dislplay Gigantic Panorama Photos Created with Digital Camera

COMDEX BOOTH #L-5835 (LVCC), Las Vegas, NV—Olympus America Inc., Digital & Imaging Systems Group, a leading consumer camera manufacturer, today unveiled at Fall COMDEX two gigantic panorama photos created with a digital camera. The panoramas were shot with the Olympus C-2500L award-winning 2.5 megapixel filmless digital camera and rendered using Enroute's PowerStitchTM. One of the panoramas will wrap end-to-end around the 42 foot Olympus trailer in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center; the other will traverse Olympus' entire booth #L-5835 at the convention center.

The high-resolution panorama of Arches National Park, Utah was created with 68 stitched 2.5 Megapixel images, producing a virtually flawless final 300MB uncompressed output at a level of detail not previously obtainable using standard equipment. The photos were taken in a two foot high by 32 foot wide grid, which is well within the capabilities of PowerStitch's new sophisticated memory-optimized ImageSynthesisTM rendering engine.

The Olympus C-2500L is the world's first 2.5 megapixel (1712 X 1368) filmless digital camera in the consumer marketplace (sub $1500 retail price) featuring revolutionary "TruePic" technology for professional photographic quality. The C-2500L is Olympus' most significant filmless digital camera developed for professional digital photographers and computer power users. The Olympus C-2500L's super-accurate lens and ability to capture 2.5 megapixel images provide image resolution unsurpassed in a consumer digital camera.

"The C-2500L captured images of such complexity and resolution, that it allowed us to replicate the true scope and grandeur of Arches National Park," said Paul Cha, Executive Vice President, Enroute Imaging. "This panorama photo surpasses any ever taken with a digital camera and is our most aggressive effort to date."

Introduced today at Comdex, Enroute's PowerStitch is the first digital imaging software capable of stitching together multiple images to render ultra-resolution professional-quality panoramas, effectively turning any standard camera into a medium or large format camera. Geared toward professional and prosumer digital and film-based camera users desiring high resolution images for extra-large output, PowerStitch stitches together a grid of very high-resolution images. PowerStitch generates images suitable for creation of trade show murals and displays, photo quality posters, advertising, replicas of large blueprints, and maps, accurate prints of multiple microscopic slides, and other professional applications.

Olympus America distributes a wide range of products for consumer, scientific, health care, commercial and industrial markets. These include film and filmless cameras, Microcassetteš and digital voice recorders, binoculars, film scanners, personal photo printers, medical and industrial endoscopes, biological and metallurgical microscopes and measuring instruments, clinical analyzers, and other high technology products. Olympus America is responsible for sales in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

About Enroute

Enroute Imaging is an innovator of digital imaging technologies. The company's QuickStitch™ image stitching software technology is bundled with numerous digital camera manufacturers. Enroute's technology has broad applications on the Web, in consumer and professional photography, and in vertical markets. The privately held company is based in Palo Alto, California. For more information, contact Enroute Imaging, 990 Commercial Street, 1st Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94303 (650) 843-1122 x101 (800) 946-0135 fax: (650) 813-9089 web site: http://www.enroute.com.

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