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FlexClean 895: Flexible Endoscope Detergent

Center Valley, PA, January 19, 2010 - FlexClean 895 is a new flexible endoscope detergent that has exceptional cleaning efficacy when compared to the current popular enzymatic detergents and is highly cost-effective.


A bottle of FlexClean 895, the flexible endoscope detergent.1

As compared to the competitive detergents currently on the market, FlexClean 895 is a highly concentrated detergent that requires only 1 ounce of detergent per 4 gallons of water. In comparison, most popular detergents require 2-4 times more detergent resulting in a much higher cost for the customer. As a result, by using FlexClean 895, there will be more uses and less cost per endoscope.

Additionally, FlexClean 895 was designed with users in mind and was developed to have a pleasant odor, blue color and agreeable foaming profile.

As demonstrated in scientific studies, FlexClean 895 has exceptional cleaning capabilities. FlexClean 895 is biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. FlexClean 895 was rigorously tested for material compatibility with Olympus flexible endoscopes and is fully compatible.

FlexClean 895 is competitively priced and now available. Contact your Olympus sales representative or call 800-898-9024 to place an order.

For more information about Olympus and our line of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization products and services visit, www.olympusamerica.com/cds.

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1Note to media: A high-resolution file of the above product shot is available upon request.