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Olympus cellSens™ Microscope Imaging Software Offers Comprehensive, Customizable Capabilities Plus Easy Operation

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., April 15, 2010 – Olympus has introduced cellSens™ microscope imaging software, a comprehensive, fully customizable solution that allows researchers to move smoothly and quickly from initial image capture through processing, analysis and reporting in just a few simple steps. Even such advanced functions as deconvolution, cell counting, large area stitching, fluorescence unmixing and data sharing are fast and intuitive.

Developed by Olympus engineers specifically for Olympus microscope users, cellSens integrates advanced capabilities with intuitive operation, enabling researchers to maximize their results using world-renowned Olympus hardware and optics. The software’s intuitive interface avoids clutter and adds convenience by displaying only the windows and tools the user needs at any given time. Because the interface is so simple to customize, researchers can easily streamline their individual workflows to provide more efficient imaging, processing, measurement, analysis and communication of their data.

cellSens allows scientists to collect, process and generate data rapidly, helping them move from hypothesis to publication with greater ease. For researchers acquiring large amounts of data and working with colleagues in remote locations, the Database module provides a fully customizable SQL Server Express-based database that can be used locally or across global networks. The Olympus NetCam module offers live viewing over the Internet to further enhance collaboration. Researchers can even exchange images and view data offline using cellSens Viewer software, available for free download at www.olympusamerica.com/cellSens.

“Most researchers would prefer to spend less time with their software and more time working on their science,” said Kimberly Wicklund, PhD, field marketing manager for imaging, Olympus America Inc., Scientific Equipment Group. “The new cellSens software makes this possible by delivering the power of advanced imaging, processing, reporting and collaboration with unprecedented simplicity in operation.  Even first-time users are able to generate publishable results with ease.”

 Among the most important capabilities of the system is a newly designed, lightning-fast constrained iterative (CI) deconvolution module that helps improve image resolution, sharpness and contrast. The module delivers images of superior quality using a proprietary Olympus deconvolution algorithm. Researchers can further explore the resulting image with advanced 3D visualization via the software’s Voxel-Viewer feature.
Researchers with the widest range of requirements will find a version of cellSens to meet their needs. cellSens Dimension allows comprehensive report generation and streamlines operation through every step of the imaging process. Options include 5D-multidimensional acquisition for multi-wavelength, Z-stack and time-lapse experiments; an X-Y stage control module designed for multi-point acquisition and large area montaging; and comprehensive object measurement and classification tools.  Dimension is also available in a desktop version that allows for offline analysis. cellSens Standard meets the need for basic image acquisition and analysis with streamlined operation. cellSens Entry is designed for those who do not require the most advanced capabilities, but still want the world’s best and simplest package for image capture.

For more information on Olympus cellSens microscope imaging software, visit www.olympusamerica.com/cellSens, or contact Paul Jantzen at Olympus America Inc., 3500 Corporate Parkway, Center Valley, PA 18034 USA, (410) 693-4816; email paul.jantzen@olympus.com.

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