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Olympus Introduces Two New BX3® Series Microscopes: Motorized Systems for Research and Clinical Applications

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., November 3, 2010 -Olympus has introduced two new microscopes to its leading BX3 series: the BX53 Motorized Advanced Research Microscope and BX43 Motorized Clinical and Research Microscope. The new microscope stands are powerful and easy-to-use complete microscopy systems that can be customized to meet users' specific needs. Their motorized components are controlled by the latest Olympus cellSens®* software (also being introduced this week), helping the instruments deliver new levels of performance and ease of use through enhanced functionality.

The BX53 Motorized Advanced Research Microscope assures unprecedented flexibility and ease of operation while delivering exceptional optical performance for a variety of advanced transmitted light techniques. Researchers in fields such as cytogenetics will benefit from the systemís eight-position motorized filter turret, which makes advanced fluorescence smooth, simple and repeatable. Through the automated integration of objectives and the motorized universal condenser, scientists can now turn their BX53 system into an optimal fluorescence, phase contrast, darkfield or differential interference contrast (DIC) prism research microscope with just the touch of a button. Other motorized components include the attenuator wheel (used instead of a neutral density filter to attenuate the light source) and fluorescence illuminator. For users who prefer controlling the automated functions via a handset, Olympus offers an easy-to-use unit that provides custom programmability alongside factory pre-sets for common observation techniques.

The BX43 Motorized Clinical and Research Microscope is designed for comfort and superior optical performance. It is optimized for users who need to control microscope functions automatically to ensure maximum repeatability and streamlined operation over long hours of use.

In clinical laboratories and research settings where the same operations are repeated frequently, the BX43 motorized system offers special benefits; because operators can adjust numerous settings with the touch of a button, researchers and clinicians can now achieve repeatable conditions with minimal opportunity for user error. The instrumentís motorized functionality also may help alleviate the physical stress of repetitive motion and ensure a consistent, comfortable workflow for many hours. Like the BX53 Motorized Microscope, the BX43 Motorized Microscope is available with the same convenient programmable handset.

The two new systems bring the total number of microscope stands in the popular BX3 series to five. For more information on the BX53 and BX43 Motorized Microscope Systems, contact Mark Clymer, Olympus America Inc., mark.clymer@olympus.com or 484-896-3381; visit www.olympusamerica.com/BXresearch.

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