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Olympus BX45 Joins New Line of Laboratory Microscopes

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Melville, NY- Olympus America Inc., Scientific Equipment Group, announces the new BX45, a dramatically reshaped microscope whose ergonomic improvements meet the needs of the long time lab users more than ever before.

For prolonged microscope use in the laboratory, ergonomic considerations are of paramount importance. Careful study of such critical aspects as observation posture, position of arms, arm and hand movements during operation have led to important ergonomic advances. As a result, the BX45 makes every microscopy task in the lab, easier, more efficient and more comfortable.

Most noticeable is the new, super-low positioned stage, only five inches off the work surface, allowing specimen change with minimal operator effort and hand movement. Stage and focus controls too can be operated from a resting hand position, with tactile surfaces inviting fingertip control.

The built in universal condenser, nearly adjustment free, offers the full range of observation methods brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and polarized light. The intensity equalized 10x and 40x objectives make light adjustment between magnifications unnecessary, adding to overall convenience.

With the newly designed tilting and telescoping observation tube every user can adjust the microscope to suit their ideal observation position. There is increased flexibility to set both the height and inclination angle of the eyepieces. Accommodating ergonomic needs more thoroughly, the observation tube is 80mm higher and 70mm closer to the operator than a conventional tilting tube. The eyepoint can be moved toward the observer by 45mm with an inclination range of 0 - 25 degrees, making the BX45 the most adjustable microscope available today.

The range of accessories includes the Olympus DP11 Microscope Digital Camera system.

More information about the BX45 ergonomic laboratory microscope is available from Olympus America Inc., Two Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747.