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Olympus Answers Demand for Improved Lab Efficiencies with Innovative EVIS EXERA 160 Series Endoscopic System

Melville, NY - Combining its expertise as the leading manufacturer of gastrointestinal endoscopy products with innovative optical, digital and imaging technology, Olympus America Inc. (OAI) has introduced the EVIS EXERA 160 Series Endoscopy System. This new series improves observation and simplifies the endoscopy procedure to provide medical practitioners with the superior high quality tools they need to help them better assess and treat growing numbers of patients.

With the rates of endoscopic procedures just for colonoscopies alone increasing at double digit rates since 1996, Olympus has targeted this advanced endoscopy system to solve a number of issues confronting patients, physicians and administrators alike.

“There will be a significant increase in the demand for endoscopic procedures as the baby boomers impact the health care market,” said Kenneth Wolcott, senior product manager. “Olympus has held its pricing, while improving endoscopic insertion and increasing lab efficiencies at the same time. This has a tremendous impact on everyone involved and ultimately translates into a lower cost per procedure.”

With the 160 Series, physicians now can take advantage of a user adjustable, variable stiffness insertion tube – the world’s first – built into a revolutionary new scope called Innoflex.™ This scope permits the insertion tube to be adjusted according to an individual patient’s own anatomical conditions and contours of the colon. Facilitating the procedure, the Innoflex reduces the need for abdominal pressure and improves access to the cecum. It features a built-in coil in the insertion tube, which can be expanded or contracted as required through a control knob to vary the degree of flexibility and stiffness. Additionally, all 160 Series scopes feature a built-in microprocessor to facilitate lab management.

Another groundbreaking scope design in the EVIS EXERA 160 Series is the SlimSIGHT™ video gastroscope. Its super-thin insertion tube measures a mere 5.9 mm, yet incorporates a 2.0 mm instrument channel and provides increased optical performance at the same time. Ideal for a wide variety of upper digestive tract applications, the scope features a miniaturized color CCD chip that gives Olympus the advantage of increasing image quality in a reduced outer diameter. The slimmer size also decreases patient discomfort at the same time it increases the ease of insertion. A dedicated irrigation nozzle at the distal end washes away debris that may obscure observation.

The EVIS EXERA 160 Series is a comprehensive system for the endoscopy suite that includes the video system center, light source, endoscopes, and information capability. Its system versatility, powerful performance and ergonomic styling offer gastrointestinal specialists advanced imaging and ease of use to create a new standard of care for their patients. At the same time, the series is fully compatible with previous EVIS scopes, so that physicians can enjoy some immediate EXERA benefits without having to upgrade their entire suites. The system also can accommodate EVIS EXERA video bronchoscopes, which can optimize endoscopy suite efficiency with its dual-purpose potential.

Superior imaging is a feature of the advanced EVIS EXERA 160 Series. Designed to maximize its new line of high-performance scopes, the CV-160 video system now features structure enhancement. A leading-edge video processing method, structure enhancement simultaneously suppresses noise, while producing detailed images that make it easier to spot minute tissue textures and subtle color variations on the mucous membrane. Structure enhancement levels can be selected by the user, allowing more precise control over image rendering. In addition, images now can be displayed in much larger sizes than was previously possible. This expanded display mode allows for closer examination of the image area. The 160 Series dedicated light source, CLV-160, also generates approximately 60 percent more light than previous models.

For more information, please call the Endoscopy Group at 1-800-848-9024.