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Olympus DP73® 14-Bit Microscope Camera Offers 17.28-Megapixel Image Capture, Higher Sensitivity, Exceptional Color, Ease of Use

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., November 15, 2011 – The Olympus DP73 digital microscope camera makes it easy for researchers, pathologists, neuroscientists and others to achieve exceptional imaging results. The latest in the popular line of Olympus DP cameras, it delivers the highest combination of bit depth (14-bit) and pixel resolution (17.28mb), for ultra-high resolution and exceptional color reproduction, even in very light or dark image areas. A powerful 3-CCD mode enhances normal pixel-shifting optical technology so the camera delivers ultra-high-quality brightfield and widefield fluorescence images without the interpolation artifacts typical of other Bayer mask cameras.

The DP73 offers a huge 17.28-megapixel image, with unprecedented resolving capability and color fidelity. Even more importantly, the camera’s impressive 3-CCD mode provides a whole new way of performing pixel-shifted imaging with a Bayer mask camera. Like similar cameras, it increases pixel resolution by physically moving the CCD sensor horizontally and vertically within each pixel to capture and overlay sub-pixel information –but unlike comparable cameras, the DP73's 3-CCD mode multiplies the RGB color information within each pixel, dramatically increasing resolution.  Taking advantage of another feature of the DP73, users also avoid the photobleaching artifacts that sometimes happen under fluorescence illumination. Without changing brightness levels or losing gray-scale levels, the camera corrects for color bleaching or fading, while eliminating cross-hatching and similar artifacts that occur with other pixel-shifting cameras. Images can be captured across a broad sensitivity range from ISO 100 to ISO 1600, so that even dimly fluorescing subjects look crisp and clear.

For users whose work involves samples with important detail in the darkest or lightest tonal ranges of color, the DP73 also offers an optional WiDER feature, which provides an extended, extra-wide dynamic range capability so that dark, light and mid-tone regions all are imaged crisply without sacrificing detail in other tonal regions. WiDER optimizes the entire image in real time without over- or under-exposing samples, making it ideal for publishing and working with complex fluorescence applications such as fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) or multi-probe imaging.

Through its support of the Adobe® RGB color space, the camera system improves upon color reproduction and display performance on RGB devices like computer displays. The DP73 is optimized to work with the Windows® 7 64-bit operating system, and provides optional laptop connectivity for maximum flexibility. Users can collect live, compression-free, full-frame high-definition images at 15 frames per second.

With Olympus' proprietary cellSens® v.1.6 imaging software*, it is easier to display, adjust, capture, analyze, store and share image data than ever before. The camera software provides functions ranging from image processing and measurement to generating reports, and users can automatically align and stitch overlapping parts of multiple adjacent images with ease. With cellSens Dimension, both monochrome and color images, including images of multi-stained specimens captured at different wavelengths, are automatically compiled and displayed. Extended focus acquisition allows images to be built from sets of images captured at different focal depths.

The DP73 is designed to provide better low-magnification performance than comparable cameras, thanks to technology adapted from Olympus' world-renowned high-end digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. These new algorithms and fine-detail processing for enhanced resolution mean that the camera can deliver sharper, clearer images at low magnifications without artifacts or false colors.

For more information on the powerful DP73 microscope camera, contact Peter Mabanglo, Olympus America Inc., at 1-484-896-5068, email Peter.Mabanglo@olympus.com or visit www.olympusamerica.com/DP73.

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*In the United States, DP73 and cellSens software are not for clinical diagnostic use.