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Olympus Introduces Enhanced TIRF Microscopy Capabilities Including Control via CellSens® v.1.6 Microscope Imaging Software

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., Nov. 17, 2011 – Olympus has introduced several key advancements to its system of solutions for total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) research microscopy. It has incorporated the user-friendliness and advanced capabilities of Olympusí popular cell^TIRF® software into cellSens v.1.6*, the latest release of the company's comprehensive microscope imaging software platform. The cellSens v.1.6 Dimension software package now provides full control for complex multichannel TIRF applications.

Olympus is the recognized leader in TIRF microscopy - a technique usually used to observe surface regions of specimens such as cell membranes. The cellSens v.1.6 software release allows users to set TIRF parameters and do image acquisition, all in a single imaging application. Among the parameters that can be programmed include selection of TIRF lasers, angle, shuttering information and a widefield illumination option.

The new software also offers other advantages for users, including easy-to-use drag-and-drop batch processing. This provides a push-button approach to what can be a complex programming task when using other software platforms.

“CellSens software now incorporates cell^TIRF to deliver robust performance for the most demanding TIRF users, but has stayed simple and elegant enough for novice users,” said Paul Jantzen, Olympus America Inc. “Olympus provides comprehensive systems with hardware and software to address a broad range of TIRF research microscopy applications.”

In addition, TIRF systems with cellSens software now support the Olympus Zero Drift focus module, a complete autofocus imaging solution for investigators doing time-lapse experiments using inverted microscopes. Zero Drift 2 (also called ZDC2) maintains continuous specimen focus for extended periods to enable live-cell imaging. It is compatible with almost all Olympus TIRF objectives.

For more information cellSens software and Olympus TIRF microscopy applications, visit www.olympusamerica.com/cellSens or contact Paul Jantzen, Olympus America Inc., phone 410-693-4816; email paul.jantzen@olympus.com.

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*In the United States, cellSens software is not for clinical diagnostic use.