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Treasure Recovery Using the Olympus PEN® with Shipwreck Explorers Barry and Brandon Clifford

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., December 5, 2011 � The legend of the Whydah and its untold riches endured the passage of nearly 300 years. People searched, but they never found the lost treasure of the pirate ship. After a persistent research effort, the wreck was located in 1984, using maps drawn by witnesses and recovered court documents, by underwater explorer Barry Clifford, and became worldwide headlines in the news. Clifford and his team leverage the compact size and HD quality of the Olympus PEN cameras to record and document their underwater finds.

¡§Olympus PEN cameras play an important role in the recovery and documentation of the collection. Every artifact that we bring up is photographed. The resolution is such on the new PEN cameras that it brings out every little detail of the artifact, which is extremely important for recording purposes.¡¨ Clifford said.

Archaeological excavation of the Whydah continues in the murky depths of the sea on an annual basis using Clifford’s 75-foot vessel Vast Explorer. Clifford’s recovery operations have already netted more than 200,000 artifacts, some of which can be seen at The Whydah Pirate Museum in Provincetown, Mass.

¡§What we have is the only authentic pirate treasure that’s ever been discovered,¡¨ says Clifford.

Check out the latest in the Olympus ¡§Behind the Lens¡¨ series, ¡§Raising the Whydah,¡¨ featuring shipwreck explorer Barry Clifford and his son Brandon. Learn more about how Olympus products are used to document remarkable discoveries in this high-profile salvage operation. View ground-breaking footage as they use the Olympus PEN camera in one of the most challenging environments for photography, uncovering cultural artifacts found scattered across the ocean floor.

Journalists interested in more information about the Behind the Lens series, or review units and high-resolution images of the Olympus PEN cameras, lenses and accessories should contact Keith Gordon, Mullen Public Relations, 212-885-3218, or Jennifer Colucci, Olympus Imaging America Inc., 484-896-5719, or visit the Olympus website. For more information about the excavation of the Whydah, visit www.whydah.com.

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