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High-Level Disinfection Systems for Flexible GI Endoscopes From Olympus Provide Three-Way Protection

Melville, NY - Olympus America Inc. introduces a line of reprocessing equipment for flexible endoscopes by MediVators, Inc. which can be matched to the needs of facilities with varying procedural volumes. Easy-to-operate, Olympus high-level disinfection equipment provides the standard of care protocol established by government agencies and recommended by professional organizations. Not only is this critical to ensuring patient and staff safety, but it also helps to maximize the useful life of the endoscope – providing triple protection.

Covering every need, the new Olympus line-up offers standardized reprocessing tailored to a facility’s level of procedural volume and approach to technology. From the Olympus MRX Recirculating Pump that enhances mechanical cleaning to the automated dual-basin Olympus DSD disinfector, Olympus equipment is designed to minimize germicide handling and vapors. Endoscopes are properly positioned to reprocess effectively, yet prevent damage during the high-level disinfection process.

Both the Olympus MV-1 and MV-2 disinfectors offer fully automated endoscope reprocessing. The MV-1 is designed for facilities that perform less than 100 procedures per month and is equipped to handle a single endoscope. It provides a basic, economical approach to fully automated high-level disinfection. Additionally, it can supplement mechanical cleaning with an initial detergent solution recirculation phase and assists the final alcohol rinse and air-drying of endoscope channels. While the MV-2 is geared for facilities’ procedural volumes greater than 100 per month, its single basin can process up to two endoscopes per cycle. Both models can be mounted on a countertop or used on an optional cart.

The ultimate in automated high-level disinfection, however, is the Olympus DSD disinfector. Featuring two independently controlled basins, it has the capacity to store up to nine individual disinfection cycle programs. This means that users have the flexibility to optimize procedures for each scope. The DSD comes equipped with a two-stage water prefiltration system, a final 0.2 micron bacterial retention water filter, and four endoscope connector sets. Everything from detergent addition to alcohol rinsing and air-drying is fully automated.

For facilities that reprocess scopes manually or whose volume does not warrant full automation, Olympus provides the MRX Recirculating Pump to enhance infection control. It can be set to direct much greater volumes of detergent, air, liquid chemical germicide, water and alcohol through endoscope channels than could be achieved manually, leading to enhanced cleaning.

To learn more about the Olympus cleaning and disinfecting equipment, please call the Endoscope Group at 1-800-848-9024.