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Olympus Establishes the i Series Advanced Photo System Line

MELVILLE, N.Y. (January 18, 1999)—Olympus America, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new high-performance, Advanced Photo System line of cameras, the i Zoom Series. Olympus has long been known for constant innovation and originality that incorporates cutting-edge design and technology. The Stylus series, with over 10 million sold worldwide, has set new standards for 35 mm cameras. The new i Series continues that tradition and takes it to the next level. Drawing on the most advanced new performance technologies, Olympus has pursued a higher standard for easy-to-use ergonomics, sophisticated design and reduced size and weight. The i Series impressive illuminating invigorating designed to influence your photographic imagination.

As the first model in the new i Series, the i Zoom 75 embodies the standards of this new concept in cameras. Featuring a durable clamshell design, the i Zoom 75 combines the ergonomic contouring principles of the successful 35mm point-and-shoot Stylus series with the advanced technologies of APS. You can expect cameras in this stylish series to be weatherproof, lightweight and high-performance APS models.

"Olympus is committed to offering consumers the best photographic solutions. With well over 10 million Stylus series cameras sold, Olympus has consistently set new standards in 35mm photography

with superior design and state-of-the-art technology. With the i Zoom 75, we apply those high standards and extraordinary innovations to the APS line," says Susan Schaffer, director of marketing, Olympus America.

The i Zoom 75 measures 4.2 (W) x 2.1(H) x 1.3(D) inches, weighs only 5.8 ounces, and boasts a 28-75mm zoom lens (equivalent to the 35-94mm coverage of a 35mm camera) with a slim-line lens barrier. Its high-performance zoom lens with two aspherical lens elements not only ensures high resolution, but also contributes to the reduced size and weight of the lens. Easy-to-use features include drop-in film loading, print formats, an intelligent variable-power flash system and a new five-point Passive Multi Auto Focus system.

The new Olympus i Series innovative intuitive ingenious designed to inspire your photographic imagination.

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